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Australia To Build A Buffer Zone To Protect Country Against China


Prime Minister emphasised that the tensions with Communist China would not be resolved Australia surrendering its sovereignty after Beijing repeated lies about the need for the increase of controls of the Australian imports.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison stated the best people have been working on resolving the issue with more than 50 cargo ships with a coal stranded off Chinese ports after Beijing ordered Chinese power plants to stop buying Australian coal.

More than US$500 million (S$669.26 million) worth of Australian coal and about 1,000 crew on the ships are stuck after Communist China blacklisted a wide swathe of Australian commodities and food.

Top diplomat Frances Adamson stated in a speech in Canberra on Wednesday night that "China may have reached a point where it believes that it can largely set the terms of its future engagement with the world."

The tensions in Communist China's relations with Australia may increase
but they would not be resolved by Australia surrendering its sovereignty.

If it has, it is mistaken- and that is because there is far more to be gained for China, and for everyone else, through working constructively and collaboratively within the international system, without resort to pressure or coercion, said Ms Adamson, who is secretary of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Mr Morrison stated that the government will work for the best possible outcome but there will not be any far reaching compromises with Chinese Communist Party.

Beijing is losing in-the-long-term by Xi's decision to unfriend Australia.

He stated that he expects tensions in the relationship but they wouldn't be "resolved by Australia surrendering its sovereignty."

Prime Minister is seeking to create a buffer against aggression of Communist China's under Mr. Xi Jinping's leadership by bolstering multilateral forums of "like-minded" liberal democracies in groupings including the Quad that is the US, Japan and India and Five Eyes.

Of course we want happy co-existence and positive relationship with China, Mr Morrison emphasised on Thursday, adding that it was "not simple" to walk a middle path between China and the US.

On Wednesday, Beijing lied again about the conflict it caused, claiming that the coal shipments were delayed due to the strengthening of testing of the imports. But these controls were not caused by the low quality or any danger of Australian goods. The reason for this sudden scrutiny is the need for revenge of the Chinese Communist Party for harmed pride after Australia urged for an independent investigation of the scandal of a pandemic caused and mismanaged by Mr. Xi Jinping and his Chinese Communist Party officials.


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