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Beijing Grants Itself Right to Open Fire At Foreign Vessels



Chinese Communist Party empowered Coast Guard to attack foreign vessels that enter into territorial waters.

Chinese Communist Party led by Mr. Xi Jinping with lightning speed is transforming the country into a sclerotic and unpredictable entity that mirrors the Soviet Union in its final days. Arming everything that moves Mr. Xi raises the level of paranoia that characterized Bolsheviks at the Kremlin.

Xi is not hiding that he feels at the military barracks, missiles bases, or the training centers for the special commandos like at home. He likes to parade in the military uniform although it is uncertain whether he earned any military insignia except those of private. Mr. Xi may be overweight and sometimes moves like an elephant but like nearly every boy and despot like the military toys.

Because Mr. Xi with a horde of Chinese Communist Party semi-barbarians who are dreaming about domination over the world, turned the civilian service of Coast Guard into yet another branch of the military arming it with combat weapons.

Mr. Xi is a graduate of the CCP propaganda school who is practicing the newspeak nearly in his every statement.

With lightning speed CCP is transforming China into a sclerotic and unpredictable entity
that mirrors the Soviet Union in its final days.

Therefore the attack at the foreign vessels is called "preventive action that could threaten state sovereignty".  With the Bolshevik fantasy or rather mentioned already paranoia the vessel which passes waters, no matter whether small or big, threatens "state sovereignty".

His party comrades are putting every effort to make the First Secretary content with the explanations of the ridiculous orders that undeservedly are called a law like they were called by Soviets.

The Coast Guard is tasked with security and defense activities that allow it to investigate and seize foreign ships venturing into territorial waters claimed by China. It would also be allowed to use all necessary measures, including the use of weapons in the event Chinese territorial claims are threatened, the author of the statement informed.

The legislation states that a major function of the Chinese Coast Guard is to “prevent and remove all actions that threaten state sovereignty” as well as to protect the safety of “important islands and reefs, the exclusive economic zone as well as man-made islands and facilities constructed on the continental shelf.” One should add, illegally made, despite promises given by Mr. Xi to Western countries that it would not happen.

Mr. Xi reminds of Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev
who ordered to shoot down all of pigeons over the Kremlin

Beijing Coast Guard is increasing its fleet size, with a focus on larger ships, including those with a full-load displacement of 10,000 tons and equipped with 76-mm automatic cannons.

All of this although no enemy is in sight, and most certainly no country in the region and beyond intends to invade Communist China. But Mr. Xi thinks otherwise.

Mr. Xi in his latest behavior reminds of Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev who once ordered to shoot down all of pigeons over the Kremlin because they threatened security of Soviet officials, he said. The order came after a bird left a jacket of such official a little dirty. But after few days of Soviet military trying to catch the birds with helicopters Kremlin leader gave up because he could not bear the noise of the vessels behind the window.

One foreign diplomat remembered he learned the purpose of that top secret mission only after the collapse of Berlin War when one of the Soviet military officers revealed the details. But at the time when he lived in Moscow no Western military attache could figure out what type of the drill Soviets are conducting flying irregularly with few types of helicopters over the Kremlin.

Current Communist China's leader reveals signs of the same deep paranoia that in the long term may threaten security of everyone around him.


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