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“Beijing Responsible for Crimes Against Humanity”: US Holocaust Museum



US Holocaust Museum designated Beijing’s anti-Uyghur campaign as the crimes against humanity. The crimes include the harvesting of organs.


The room is darkened. A man in his forties is speaking to the camera. “An organ-trade is a big issue in China at the moment”, he states. He has a short black beard and is wearing a traditional shirt and headcover. “They are removing organs from living Uyghurs and resell to Arabic countries as Halal Organs”, he continues. “They believe removing an organ from a living person, is the freshest and pure method”. A young Uighur woman with a red headscarf adds: “these concentration camps look more like the concentration camps that existed during the Second World War.” There are at least four other Uyghurs who tell stories about their family members being intimidated, arrested without a reason by Chinese secret police and taken to the camps.

Mr Zafer Erdem, Uyghur activists, who describes himself as “an indirect victim of the Chinese genocide” told The Owner in a written interview that “he knows a lady in Belgium whose cousin was killed for the extraction of the organs”. Mr Erdem posted videos on his social media channel, just days before the month of Ramadan that began yesterday. In the Islamic tradition, Ramadan is a time for mercy and compassion. But the Chinese Communist Party does not show any compassion and contrary to that, as director of the genocide studies at the US Holocaust Museum, Ms Naomi Kikoler emphasised the regime is persecuting the Uyghurs population. With mass detention, forced labour, and discriminatory laws, and through high-tech surveillance, Beijing is depraving Uyghurs of human rights. On Thursday the Museum added China to its list of fifteen countries case studies for Beijing’s mass internment of Uyghurs in Xinjiang, that is East Turkistan, an ancient homeland of Uyghur peoples, emphasising the three-year-old camp system represented “crimes against humanity.”

Hundreds of Uyghurs have been using social media strongly pleading for the Chinese Communist Party to liberate the concentration camps. According to the State Department, China unjustly imprisoned at least a million and possibly few millions of Uyghurs in the concentration camps located in the East Turkestan.

In May 2019 high-level Pentagon official, Randall G. Schriver, Assistant Secretary of Defence for Indo-Pacific Security Affairs, revealed that given what US authorities understand to be the magnitude of the detention, “at least a million but likely closer to 3 million citizens out of a population of about 10 million”, have been unjustly imprisoned by the Beijing regime.

The situation of the innocent prisoners has been getting worse, stated Ms Rushan Abbas, Executive Director of Campaign For Uyghurs, in an interview with The Owner. “Let’s continue our protest during Ramadan”, she recently Tweeted and encouraged activists to post photos of Uyghur cultural practices to remind the social media audience about the fate of their loved ones in Communist China. The campaign is aimed to expose Beijing systematic deprivation of Uyghur’s religious rights.

US Holocaust Museum has no doubts that there are reasonable grounds to believe that Chinese Communist Party persecution of Uyghurs equals them morally and legally to Nazis who are responsible for Jewish Holocaust, the crimes which were prosecuted at Nuremberg trial. Ms Kikoler stressed that moral responsibility is closely linked to legal accountability. “There is a reasonable basis to believe that the Chinese government is failing in this regard, and they are committing the crimes against humanity of persecution and imprisonment or other severe deprivation of physical liberty,” she stated.

One of the crimes, committed by the Chinese Communist Party is human organ harvesting. An international tribunal sitting in London concluded that the human organs prisoners detained in Chinese prison camps were being forcefully harvested — sometimes when patients were still alive.

Massive biodata collection feared to be linked to the harvesting of organs
Last year, a Japanese journalist published photos of the signs with an inscription “Special Passengers, Human Organ Transportation Lane” in Arabic and Chinese languages on the floor of the airport in the city of Kashgar, in the East Turkistan, the ancient homeland of Uyghurs. Kashgar, the city located in the far West of the East Turkistan, allowed for shortening transport of human organs, for instance, to the Arab countries. There are more facts, which justify the concern that Beijing is harvesting organs.

Communist China informed about collecting DNA samples, voiceprints and retina scans of thirty-six million inhabitants of East Turkistan with exception of Chinese settlers. It was “health care check”, the CCP stated. But the Uyghurs do not believe it. “We suspect that this collection of biometrical data is somehow linked to the organ harvesting”, stated Mr Salih Hudayar Founder and President of the East Turkistan National Awakening Movement, who is also Prime Minister of East Turkistan government in exile, in reply to The Owner.

US Holocaust Museum took an unprecedented step designating Beijing’s regime persecution campaign as the crimes against humanity. This courageous decision will help shape the right perception of the nature of the Chinese Communist Party and the fate of Uyghur people in the West.

But it should only be the beginning. Western lawyers should raise a case against the Chinese Communist Party that would result in the exposure of the fact that its power over the captivated nations of China is illegitimate. The essence of the current Beijing regime is its criminal nature.


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