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Beijing Threatened Sweden With Attack Over Huawei



Communist China threatened Sweden with a ban on its telco Ericsson.

Beijing has threatened Sweden with a ban on the trade with Ericsson products in China if Stockholm not allows for the import of 5G Huawei equipment.

Swedish telecoms Ericsson's involvement in expanding China's 5G network was questioned. Last October Swedish government banned wireless carriers from using Huawei's equipment.

The representatives of the national regulator informed the decision was dictated by threats to national security. In the coming weeks, Huawei hopes to appeal this decision in court. If it loses the case, Beijing intends to cut off Ericsson's supplies to China.

Chinese are attacking US sanctions in courts

Chinese have utilised weakness of Biden's administration seeking in courts reverse of Trump sanctions on its telecoms.

In March, Xiaomi obtained in court the suspension of the decision on its inclusion in this list, which was made by the Pentagon shortly before the end of the presidential term of Donald Trump. The Washington District Court sided with Xiaomi, considering the decision of the US Department of Defense against the Chinese company "deeply flawed" and temporarily blocked its execution.

On Wednesday it became known that the Pentagon agreed to reverse its decision. "The parties agreed on further actions that will allow the court dispute to be completed," the court documents say.


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