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Biden Talks About "Consequences" For China Due To Camps in Xinjiang


Uyghurs convened a candlelight vigil on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC. to raise awareness of the genocide in East Turkistan (Xinjiang) on Dec 10, 2020. (UAA)

US President mentioned "consequences" for China concerning the human rights situation in the homeland of Uyghurs but critics said it was not a warning or even criticism.

Mr. Joe Biden did not mention the genocide word, which US State Department used to describe the crimes in the country called Xinjiang by Beijing, and East Turkestan by Uyghurs.

This genocide is ongoing, and we are witnessing the systematic attempt to destroy Uyghurs by the Chinese party-state, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in a assessment on January 22.

But on Tuesday Mr. Biden said China's policy towards Muslims in Xinjiang would have "consequences" for Beijing. Foreign policy was among the issues raised by Biden during his first meeting with voters in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, since taking office. There will be consequences for China, and he knows it, Biden said, referring to Chinese leader Xi Jinping.

Observers said that Mr. Biden's statement on Communist China's crimes against Uyghurs
put in doubt any more sanctions in near future.

Mr. Biden did not specify what kind of consequences he had in mind. But observers said that the second part of the statement put in doubt any more sanctions in near future.

US President said simply that if Xi Jinping would not do something that he would miss on it. In this case, nobody would trust them but such a scenario does not scare the Chinese Communist Party, said emeritus professor of political science Dr. Heinz Wahlwaher. It was not a warning or even criticism, he added.

Mr. Biden on "consequences"

China is working hard to become a world leader, Mr Biden said. In order to qualify for this title, for them to do so, they need to gain the trust of other countries, Mr. Biden continued during a meeting hosted by CNN that brought together supporters of Democrats, Republicans and non-supporters of the two leading US parties in an audience. As long as they engage in activities that violate basic human rights, it will be difficult for them to achieve this, Mr. Biden added.

During a two-hour phone call with Xi Jinping on February 11, Joe Biden stressed that the US priority is "keeping a free and open Indo-Pacific region, and expressed concern about Beijing's "forced and unfair" trade practices and human rights. According to the White House readout, Mr. Biden also focused on the Communist China government's crackdown on pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong.


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