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Bombing Kills Three Children in Syria



Eight civilians were killed on Monday, including three children, in part of Syria, which Damascus and Moscow have been trying to control.


Darra, the eastern region of Syria has not been affected by the Wuhan virus pandemic. Damascus claim that only one person in the country has been infected with the new type of pneumonia. But the number of killed during ten years war, that is at least three hundred and forty thousand, according to the independent Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, has increased on Monday about eight new victims.

Syria's regime artillery fired rockets at the community of Jalin killing the inhabitants including three children. Two Turkish soldiers also died in the air-strikes in that region.

The incident took place after the leaders of Turkey and Russia, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Vladimir Putin sign the agreement in Moscow.

According to the humanitarian non-governmental organisations, at least one and a half million Syrian children in the region risk being left without school due to the violence. The United Nations Refugee Agency announced that in the last three months, one million civilians, six hundred thousand of whom are children and two hundred thousand are women, have been forced to leave their homes. Between January and March, at least two hundred and seventeen schools were ruined or abandoned due to the bombings and attacks. Over half of the Idlib schools (five hundred and seventy out of one thousand and sixty-two) are damaged, destroyed or located in areas that are too dangerous for children to access. In addition, at least thirty children were killed in the first two months of 2020 due to the fighting.

UNRA reported that economic situation has detoriated in all of the regions in Syria. As of March 12, five and half million of Syrians had a status of refugee. The situation of the displaced worsened after Lebanon economy entered into the recession. "It is a devastating dynamic, almost a perfect storm,” David Beasley, head of the World Food Program, told The Associated Press in a recent interview. "You've got the war, the devastation of the war on the economy for the last eight, nine, 10 years. But now you compound the Lebanese economic collapse because the Syria and Lebanon economy are tied together, and this is really becoming a perfect storm of devastation,” he said.

Even before the pandemic of Wuhan virus has started, the West could not prevent Russia and Syria from the systematic bombing of the villages and towns that Damascus desires to fully control. Moscow will not pause its military offensive in the region which is abundant in natural resources and allows for future expansion in the Middle East. The increase of insurgency in Daraa and the economic crisis in Damascus are evidence that the war will not end in the near future.


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