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Canberra Toughens Anti-Harassment Laws



The employer will be obliged to take a proactive approach to stop gender discrimination, Prime Minister Scott Morrison informed on Thursday.

Canberra will remove exemptions for judges and politicians from sexual harassment laws.

Under broad changes designed to empower complainants in workplace gender-related disputes, employers will be:

  • required to take a proactive approach to stop gender discrimination,
  • while complainants get a longer period of time to lodge.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison stated on Thursday he will adopt all 55 of the commissioner’s recommendations which include:

      • a blanket ban on workplace gender discrimination,
      • mandatory training of company directors,
      • reporting by listed companies,
      • improved coordination between complaint-handling agencies.

Sexual harassment is unacceptable, Mr. Morrison told reporters in the capital, Canberra.

It’s not only immoral and despicable and even criminal, but it denies Australians, especially women, not just their personal security but their economic security by not being safe at work, Mr. Morrison added.


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