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Analyst: WHO and China's Data on the Coronavirus 'Not Credible'



Analysts found the data on deaths caused by the coronavirus provided by Communist China and WHO not credible. The secret document revealed that the authorities in Wuhan imposed information ban in the first days of this year.


Communist China authorities are reporting the confirmed cases of the coronavirus only from the Hubei province, and withhold information about the outbreak in the other regions of China, the World Health Organisation report suggested. The formerly unknown documents from Wuhan also revealed that the leadership at the state biological laboratory banned workers from publishing any results of the research on the coronavirus in January.

The data analysts challenged the accuracy of World Health Organisation emphasising that China’s coronavirus casualty data shows a near-perfect prediction model that data analysts say isn’t likely to naturally occur.

The prominent international business journal Barron's published a result of analysis of the regression data on deaths in Wuhan at the end of last year conducted by a quantitative-finance specialist, which explained how Chinese are manipulating with the data.

The regression analysis in the context of the investment is a prediction of the stocks' prices. The r-squarred value would mean that an investor could predict tomorrow’s stock price with almost perfect accuracy. This is impossible situation. Yet, this r-squarred value or variance found in the Wuhan data by the analyst suggested 99.99 per cent of variance.

The specialists challenged credibility of the information provided by Communist China. “I have never in my years seen an r-squared of 0.99,” stated Melody Goodman, associate professor of biostatistics at New York University’s School of Global Public Health. “As a statistician, it makes me question the data.”

Real human data are never perfectly predictive when it comes to something like an epidemic, Professor Goodman explained, since there are countless ways that a person could come into contact with the virus.

Professor Goodman explained a “really good” r-squared, in terms of public health data, would be a 0.7. “Anything like 0.99,” she emphasised, “would make me think that someone is simulating data. It would mean you already know what is going to happen.”

Even if the data would be hidden to protect a privacy, which is unlikely in the Communist China, the WHO would be obliged to inform the audience. The WHO did not publish any such disclaimer.

The other document published by the Chinese community journalists suggest that the Communist China has been interested in hiding the true information about the origin and nature of the coronavirus from the beginning.

The Owner acquired a copy of this document and was able independently to confirm its authenticity.

Ban on information about the coronavirus

The memorandum titled "Important Notice on Prohibiting Disclosure of Information on the Unknown Pneumonia" sent by Mr Yan-Yi Wang the director of Wuhan Institute of Virology on January 2, 2020 to the government employees imposes ban on sharing with information about the research. The memorandum calls the subject of the research "an epidemic".  

"I now announce the following as conveyed by National Health Commission through a phone call yesterday: 'All the testings, data, results and conclusions regarding this epidemic are not allowed to be published on personal media platforms or social media," the director warned.

"Nor are they allowed to be disclosed to any media (including official media), partner institutions (including technical and service companies)".

According to the metadata, Mr Wang sent his memorandum at 10.28 a.m. to Public Technology Service Centre, Department of Administration, Department of Scientific Research and even Editorial Department of Virilogica Sinica, an official journal of the Virologists in China.

Why the Chinese Communist Party introduced such a tight policy of secrecy?

The Owner has learned that the initial results of the international special team of the researchers who are analysing the virus as a potential bioweapon structure indicated the current coronavirus may be a combination of the SARS flu and HIV/AIDS. These are absolutely initial results which require numbers of tests and analysis to confirm or deny this observation.

Communist China has categorically denied to provide the virus from the bodies of the victims of the rare pneumonia-like sickness. Some experts suggested that the lack of transparency and attempts to disinform the West may suggest that this is indeed an element or advanced research material for the manufacture of the biological weapon.

People’s Liberation Army Maj. Gen. Chen Wei joined the effort to contain the outbreak in Wuhan, the state-run Pengbai news outlet reported Jan. 31. Chinese Maj. Gen. is also an expert in biological and chemical weapon defences.


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