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China is Lying, Death Toll Soars, EU Calls Emergency Meeting



Mismanagement, and lies of the Chinese Communist Party led to the catastrophic, uncontrolled situation in Communist China. Beijing through the network of its Embassies wants to press Western government to open the borders for the privileged families.


Communist China has been in a state of panic fighting with the coronavirus. Chaotic actions ranging from dispersing of Lysol from the huge booster rocket cement trucks, and the handy platforms streaming similar disinfectants flushed through the streets, to the enforced medical arrest of the sick in the proforma poorly prepared hospitals included the latest measures, which authorities applied to counteract against the fast-spreading sickness.

The videos posted on social media documented the enforced quarantine of a family in Wuhan. The video showed three people wearing white protective gear, who were dragging out a family from their apartment presumably to the place of isolation. Three other people in blue protective clothes seemed to direct this action.

The widely advertised, hastily built hospital turned out to be a mega-box which lacked medical equipment and where sick were crowded in one room.

The videos revealed that the patients were contained in the gyms. In an open space, the beds were crammed. There was a shortage of oxygen bottles and drinking water. Few dozens of patients had to share one toilet situated outside of the building. Nobody administered to patients any medicines. “People are being left to die”, one person tweeted. Chinese army guarded pro-forma hospitals in the spacious halls and gyms in Wuhan.

Beijing has called on the Overseas Chinese United Front Bodies, the umbrella organisations grouping pro-communists Chinese in the Western democracies, to contribute funds and resources to fight the coronavirus on Mainland.

Communist Courts introduced more severe regulations to force 5 million Wuhan inhabitants, who left the city before the Chinese New Year that they must report to the local authorities. Any person who comes from Wuhan must report this fact to the authorities, a lawyer wearing a red tie announced on television. If a person disobeys, he will face charges of endangering public safety offence, punishable with 10 years imprisonment, or capital punishment. All of the people, who will not quarantine themselves if they suspect that they have the coronavirus will be punished, the lawyer informed.

The Communist authorities ordered the booster rocket cement trucks
to spray the streets of Wuhan with tons of Lysol. (Photo: O)


Journalists whose report from Wuhan deemed not to be correct also faced up to 10 years imprisonment, the lawyer announced.

Propaganda denied that Doctor Whistle-blower has died

Communist Propaganda at first denied that Doctor Li Wenliang, one of the eight Wuhan citizens who was arrested by the police after he revealed the fact of unusual pneumonia on December 30, 2020, has died. Although few hours earlier the flagship Communist newspaper Global Times broke the news.

But on Friday morning the Central Hospital in Wuhan informed that the heroic doctor had died due to the coronavirus.

Dr Li discovered a virus which he interpreted as SARS in his patient, and he alerted all of his colleagues. Three days later the police accused him of spreading rumours and false information. He was silenced and forced not to speak about the virus. A week later, he himself fell sick. He was checked in hospital and transferred to Intensive Care Unit.

According to one of the posts by a Chinese journalist, his colleagues at the Wuhan Central Hospital were still fighting to save his life on Friday night. The Global Times propaganda newspaper retracted its news about his death and stated that he was in critical condition. The Editors called Dr Li a whistle-blower, a word not often used by the Communist Propaganda.

On Thursday 65 cities with 140m people, 10 per cent of the population in total were closed in China. The lockdown affected three provinces: Hubei with 60 m, Jiangxi with 45m and Liaoning with 44 m inhabitants.

The World is Preparing for A Global Pandemic

On Thursday night the death toll was at 564 sick. One should not trust official numbers since the officials apply arbitrary standards, according to which, the deceased not diagnosed in the hospital are excluded. The Chinese news-company Tencent published figures for the coronavirus last Saturday, showing 154,023 were infected and 24,589 dead - more than ten times and eighty times the official figures respectively. The website corrected the figures to reflect the official statistics. The expert stated that the original figures reflected reality.

US Congressman Tom Cotton who has been warning against the fact that the CCP has been lying about the situation regarding the coronavirus warned against a pandemic. “The Wuhan coronavirus spreading from China is now likely to become a pandemic that circles around the globe, according to many of the world’s leading infectious disease experts.

Some former Western diplomats suggested that having failed to contain the spreading of the coronavirus Beijing wants that Western democracies would open its borders to receive the Communist Party's privileged families. The Communist Party is utilising corrupted scientists including virologist who are now lobbying the Western governments to open the borders for the Chinese. However, an average Chinese would never be able to come to West but only those whom Communist Party issue the passport and permission. Therefore, the Chinese Embassies were told to put maximum pressure on the politicians, especially those, who have been paid by Chinese donors, to change the decision the Western governments and open the borders. Corrupted CCP comrades are ready to bribe more Western officials since they are desperate to leave the contaminated and poisoned country. "These people do not respect any laws. Communists do not understand what is truth, honour or respect. They think that everything can be bought", one former Western diplomat said in an interview with The Owner. "It is time be tough and withstand this pressure in defence of the Western societies", he added.

European Commission called for an emergency meeting of the twenty-eight member states, to discuss the strategy to counter-act against the global pandemic, which is facing the world. According to some officials it is clear that China was not able to contain the coronavirus within its borders and the sickness has already been transmitted from human to human.  

Who got infected and what are the symptoms?

Around the world, nearly a ten thousand people are now ill, and more than two hundred patients - most of them with previous illnesses - have died of pneumonia as a result of the virus. The first cases of the infection outside of China became known in Vietnam, Thailand, Japan and South Korea. In the last few days many other countries confirmed the cases of coronavirus including New Zealand, Australia, Philippines, Taiwan, Japan, USA, Canada, Germany, France, and Italy. The sick patients are travellers who had previously been to Wuhan or neighbouring Chinese provinces. On January 21, US authorities reported the first infection to a tourist returning from Wuhan, and on January 24, the first cases in France became known. Typical signs of infection are fever, cough and difficulty breathing but the virus activate itself suddenly often without any previous symptoms. A person loses conscience and collapses. The virus can cause a pneumonia, which can be fatal. Since it is a viral disease, the antibiotics do not help. Chinese military should have revealed an antidote but taking under account that Communist China is in the state of permanent war with the West - it will never happen.

What are the origins of the coronavirus?

At the end of 2019, approximately November, the Chinese authorities reported to the World Health Organization (WHO) an accumulation of pneumonia of unknown cause in the central Chinese city of Wuhan. A week later, Chinese researchers identified a new virus as the cause of the disease. It belongs to the group of corona viruses. A few days later, a group around the virologist Christian Drosten from the Berlin Charité published the first diagnostic test for the new virus, which researchers tentatively call 2019-nCoV. The virus can thus be detected in the laboratory. The Chinese authorities suspect that the source of the pathogen is a food market in Wuhan, in which exotic animals such as snakes were sold in addition to fish and seafood. The market was closed and disinfected. Some Western intelligence analysts doubted whether this explanation is complete. According to them, the virus was leaked from the People's Liberation Army biological weapon laboratories in Wuhan in early November.  

Which coronaviruses are known?

SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) and MERS (Middle Eastern respiratory syndrome) respiratory diseases are caused by coronaviruses that originate in animals. During the SARS pandemic, around 8,000 people became infected in 2002 and 2003, and more than 750 died. Since its discovery, 2,400 people have been infected with the MERS virus, and one in three has died of it. In total there are several hundred types of corona viruses. For example, many of them affect the respiratory tract and can cause colds.  

How one can get infected?

It is now clear that the virus can be transmitted from person to person. Communist China's authorities have confirmed several such transmissions after a dozen medical personnel cases have been reported. Doctors assume that the virus is transmitted primarily via droplet infection. As announced on January 24, the World Health Organisation currently expects an infected person to infect 1.4 to 2.5 other people on average. If these numbers prove to be true, the virus is less contagious than SARS and also the virus flu. The WHO recommends that general hygiene rules be observed: one should wash one's hands frequently and avoid close contact with people with respiratory diseases and wild animals. One needs to avoid Chinese food products produced before October 2019, especially the noodles, the duck meat, fish, seafood and pork, which are known carriers of the coronaviruses. But some medical professionals are warning against the purchase of any product made in China for an indefinite time. Some are advising against the ordering any products from Thailand and Vietnam where the political system is non-transparent and the regime would hide the truth like the Chinese Communist Party.    


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