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Communist China has been withdrawing information about the Wuhan virus from the World Health Organisation, but their leaders have been claiming otherwise in the public statements. WHO experts learnt in January that the virus bore striking similarities to SARS, newly revealed documents show.


The documents are the transcripts of the internal meetings of the WHO specialists in Geneva and the communication with their representatives in Communist China. Among the officials quoted in the documents is a top official in China, Dr Gauden Galea, the technical lead for COVID-19 Maria Van Kerkhove and chief of emergencies, Dr Michael Ryan.

The transcripts indicate that World Health Organisation already on December 27, 2019, knew that one lab, Vision Medicals, had pieced together most of the genome of a new Wuhan virus with striking similarities to SARS.

All of the officials publicly acquiesced to the opinion of their boss WHO director-general Tedros Ghebreyesus who appears the biggest exaggerator of Beijing's cooperation.

Communist China never cooperated with the World Health Organisation. Chinese Communist Party never released the genome nor the detailed patient data, which would save the rest of the world from the epidemic.

The opinions expressed by WHO experts during their meetings reveal desperation, frustration and understanding of the looming catastrophe. But the WHO specialists hide their opinions in the public statements.

"This would not happen in Congo"

“We have informally and formally been requesting more epidemiological information,” WHO’s China representative Galea said. “But when asked for specifics, we could get nothing.”

“The fact is, we’re two to three weeks into an event, we don’t have a laboratory diagnosis, we don’t have an age, sex or geographic distribution, we don’t have an epi curve,” Dr Ryan complained.

“We’re currently at the stage where yes, they’re giving it to us 15 minutes before it appears on CCTV,” said WHO’s top official in China, Dr Gauden Galea, referring to the state-owned China Central Television.

“We’re going on very minimal information,” said American epidemiologist Dr Maria Van Kerkhove, in one internal meeting. “It’s clearly not enough for you to do proper planning.”

“This would not happen in Congo and did not happen in Congo and other places,” Dr Ryan stated, probably referring to the Ebola outbreak that began there in 2018. “We need to see the data… It’s absolutely important at this point.”

Dr Van Kerkhove, the American expert, acknowledged WHO was “already late” in announcing the new virus and told colleagues that it was critical to push China, the documents obtained by Associated Press suggest.

WHO's Spin Doctor

Despite the Beijing unwillingness to cooperate and realisation that the regime was not transparent, WHO director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus’s has praised the Chinese Communist Party.

“We should have expressed our respect and gratitude to China for what it’s doing,” Mr Tedros said. “It has already done incredible things to limit the transmission of the virus to other countries.”

United States Administration has terminated the country's membership in WHO.

US Senator who was one of the strongest supporters of this decision Mr Tom Cotton emphasised that WHO Director prevented the world from learning the truth about the Wuhan virus.

"There is no way we can trust what Dr Tedros said especially when it comes to what are ultimately political questions about Chinese government, not a scientific question about the virus", stated Sen. Cotton.

The Guardian of False Narrative about The Wuhan Virus

The evidence available clarifies that the Chinese claims about Wuhan wet market as an origin of the virus has been their cover story. At first, the kind of bats which are believed by scientists to contain such a virus was not available on this market. The Chinese medical researcher's study quoted by Lancet stated that the first forty cases of the Wuhan virus had no links to the local wet market. It is now nearly certain that the virus came first into the market before it came out of the market.

The source of this virus in Wuhan could be only two virology laboratories in the close vicinity. One is located in the city, the other around 10 km off the centre. The researchers in both laboratories have conducted tests involving this type of coronaviruses. In the middle of the last year, US Diplomats in China warned against the very low safety level in those labs.

All of the circumstantial evidence leads to labs in Wuhan, stressed Mr Cotton, who is a member of the Intelligence Committee in the Senate.

But Mr Tedros who deceived the world about China's cooperation and claimed that there was no human-to-human transmission when it was clear, even to the members of his team, that it was not true, still controls this narrative.

Many scientists, policymakers and journalists have no courage to state that the wet market is not a source of the virus and that Beijing never cooperated with the rest of the world to save it from the pandemic.


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