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Chinese Ambassador Must Know Australia Is Not For Sale


Chinese diplomat handed details of the Chinese and Australian governments talks regarding the normalisation of the mutual relations, but the move revealed more than the Beijing regime expected.

In Chinese culture, the worst punishment is to be ashamed - the Chinese Ambassador has acted according to this premise revealing, information about the confidential talks with Canberra. But in the West, the highest value is the truth that is hated by Beijing. It is a clash of civilisations of which one is built on barbarity, lie, and violence and the other on the consent of the governed, liberty, and the highest standards of culture.

Chinese Ambassador represents an armed but small, illegitimate, and mostly ignorant elite with a Hitler-like appetite for the control of the world, as the author of The Elements of China Challenge, a recently published document on China by the US State Department has shown.

It is unworthy even to mention the list of those so-called grievances because it must be assumed that it is not the truth.  Chinese regime which has been lying to Chinese people should not be expected suddenly to tell the truth to Australians. Frankly, Beijing is loathing Australians eyeing only natural resources, land, and wealth, which greedy hordes of the Chinese comrades have been trying to steal.

Australia introducing necessary legal and institutional barriers to Chinese espionage, deception and greed is defending itself against the Chinese aggression.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison emphasised that Australia is ready to stand for its democratic values that are under the attack of Beijing.

If this is the cause for tension in that relationship, then it would seem that the tension is that Australia is just being Australia, Mr Morrison said an interview with the Seven Network.

Australian representatives that are both government and political opposition said: no to China manipulation and lies.

It sounded so loud that it was even heard in Beijing, which sent its last salvo: Australia is our enemy.

Beijing said it now openly without concealment, perhaps even unwillingly, because this statement strips it of any possibility to hide the truth.

It is nothing new, as Mr Xi is an admirer of Lenin and the Chinese Communist Party perceives itself as a continuation of the Bolshevik criminals. Therefore, the United States as the Main Enemy and the whole West is certainly on the list, including Australia.



Australians should know about the less publicised episode, which tells everything that they should know about Xi Jinping. Chinese Communist Party was concealing the text of Xi's speech and the information about the event for several months. But it was dug up by the researchers including Francois Bougon, author of Xi's intellectual biography Inside the Mind of Xi Jinping.

Mr Xi Jinping is obsessed by the bad dream of Perestroika
and the fall of Chinese Communist Party

In 2013 Chinese Communist Party members around the country had attended private viewings of the documentary In Memory of the Collapse of the Communist Party and the Soviet Union. During three hours film, former Soviet communist officials complain about the traitors inside the Communist Party of the Soviet Union who "sold the country to the Americans". Among the accused are Boris Yeltsin, Mikhail Gorbachev, and Alexander Yakovlev - all of the fathers of Perestroika and Glasnost that had its role in the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

The director of the movie argues that Mr. Gorbachev, Mr. Yakovlev, and Mr. Yeltsin were inspired by the speech by former Soviet First Secretary Khrushchev, who denounced the crimes of Stalin and condemned the former leader too. Although Khrushchev was not a reformer and continued the Soviet aggression, the disappointed Soviet officials are blaming Khrushchev for telling the truth. It is the root of the betrayal that led to the fall of Soviet communism, they claim.



Inspired by the West, architects of the Perestroika argues film narrative, had implemented destructive policies including, the introduction of a multi-party system, the authorisation of NGOs, the liberalisation of the media, the abandonment of control over means of production, the privatisation of public industries, and severing the link between the Party and the army.

The Glasnost policies were not destructive but pivotal for
the removal of criminal rule of the Communist Party

These policies were not destructive but fundamental for the removal of the criminal and inhumane system with the control of the corrupted Communist Party over the country.

But the blame of Gorbachev even, for the current state of Russia, is the propaganda line pursued by the contemporary small but vocal Russian Bolshevik party which boasts friendly ties with Mr. Xi.

It is the main theme of the documentary that Xi commanded Chinese Communist Party officials to carefully watch.

Mr Xi in his secret speech in 2013 asked dramatically:

Why did the Soviet Union collapse? Why did the Soviet Communist Party lose its power?

And he answered:

Ideological confusion was everywhere. Almost no Party organ on any level had been of any use. The army wasn’t under the control of the Party. Finally, the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, which was nevertheless a great party, was dissolved like a flock of sparrows.

After that he almost wept:

The Soviet Union, which had been a great socialist country, collapsed.

Mr. Xi is not a visionary with a positive "Chinese Dream" but an obsessed lunatic who is trying to disperse the Bolshevik nightmare of the collapse of the Chinese Communist Party.



The fear of the Perestroika is transforming Mr. Xi into the tyrant Hitler-and-Stalin-like in Communist China. Together with the authors of the movie, Mr. Xi demonised Mr. Gorbachev and accused him of selling himself to the Americans during one of the private viewing organised in the Communist Party resort near Beijing in 2013.

Mr. Bougon emphasises that with this film, the tone was set from the first year of Xi’s mandate: the West was the enemy, and Gorbachev had been its puppet. Xi, on the other hand, would be a herald of Chinese Marxism-Leninism.

Marxism-Leninism has only one unlimited goal - the domination over the capitalist world, which can be defeated in war.

Xi is not a peacemaker, neither man of compromises but a cunny, deceptive, Leninist propagandist who is depended on the naive West.

He has already sentenced half of humanity for death, as he did with Tibetans and Uyghurs and perhaps Taiwanese, but he talks of himself as he would be greatest humanist.

It should be known that until the collapse of the Soviet Union, all of the chiefs of the governments which were part of the Soviet satellite had to sign a document, which confirmed the country's readiness for the war with capitalist imperialism. The author of this column interviewed three former prime ministers of Eastern European countries who had to sign such a document even in July of 1990 that is nearly eight months after the fall of the Berlin Wall... Soviet Leninists had no sentiments, as the Warsaw Pact documents have shown, targeting civilian buildings, including hospitals and kindergartens with tactical nuclear and chemical weapons. It was supposed to be their way to achieve peace among the nations on the ruins of the imperialist world.

Mr Xi is another Soviet Leninist hiding behind the veil of Chinese characteristics
whose goal is peace after the capitalist world is destroyed.

Mr Xi is another Soviet Leninist hiding behind the veil of Chinese characteristics whose goal is peace after the capitalist world is destroyed.

In his view that destruction can be caused by financial collonisation by Chinese Communist Party and the war wherever it is necessary.

It is why he imagined that Chinese Communist Party can buy, exploit and rob us and our country to introduce his socialism.

But it is the highest time for Chinese diplomats to realise Australia is not for sale.



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