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China's Spies Run Terror Cell Pretending to Be Uyghurs


Beijing regime's official in front of their embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan. (AFP)

Afghan police exposed Beijing agents using the name of the Uyghur organisation in preparation for the terrorist attack in Afganistan.


Afghanistan has busted a 10-member Chinese operating a terror cell in the capital city of Kabul led by Li Yangyang since July-August . He was arrested by the Afghan National Directorate of Security on 10 December from his house in western Kabul neighbourhood of Kart-e-Char.

He had been gathering information about al Qaeda, Taliban and Uyghurs in Kunar and Badakhshan provinces, according to this counter-terror official. The NDS team seized arms, ammunition and Ketamine powder, a recreational drug , from his residence when the first round of raids were carried out on 10 December.

A Chinese woman was the second person to be arrested. Sha Hung, who runs a restaurant in Kabul’s Shirpur was also arrested the same day.

From her place, NDS recovered explosive material and other incriminating items, the counter-terror official said. The discovery left no doubt that Chinese were involved in terrorism.

Communist China's used the name of Uyghur group
for the terror cell which was preparing
an attack in Afghanistan.

The Afghan intelligence arrested eight more Chinese nationals subsequently.

At least Mr. Li Yangyang, according to a counter-terror official in Kabul, has been operating for the Communist China's Intelligence.

The information about the arrests of Chinese operatives connected with Chinese Ministry of Security was first reported by Hindustan Times.

Afghan security analysts are certain that the detainees were creating a forgery of the East Turkestan Islamic Movement. Some suggested that Chinese intended to conduct the attacks to portray Uyghurs as "terrorists".

The arrests were such a big embarrassment to Beijing that it denied that it happened.

I am unaware of what you mentioned, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Ms. Hua Chunying told a media briefing in Beijing on Wednesday when asked about the Hindustan Times report.

But she lied.

A member of Afghan House of Representatives Wolesi Jirga requested the explanation from Mr. Ahmad Zia Saraj, the chief of the national Directorate of Security, One India reported. Mr Saraj confirmed that a group of Chinese nationals had been arrested on charges of espionage in Kabul. The NDS chief according to private news channel Ariana News said that a group of Chinese nationals had been arrested, but as it was a sensitive issue.


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