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Chinese Mine in Space Threatens Western Democracies


The Beijing regime firms are preparing a launch of the first world space mining robot, a start to the space mine, which is another step to acquiring of status of global hegemony by the rogue state, the Western watchers revealed on Friday.


The space mining robot into Earth orbit, designated NEO-1, will perform a series of tests in orbit. A robot is a small satellite weighing nearly 30kg that is aimed to enter a 500km altitude sun-synchronous orbit, stated the author of the report published by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

The China-made Long-March rocket will launch NEO-1 as a secondary payload. Chinese firm representative of Origin Space stated the small spacecraft will not carry out actual mining but would rather test technologies.

This proof-of-concept is the first of its kind and, if successful, will pave the way for the Chinese budding space mining industry to take flight, assessed geopolitical analyst Dr. Brandon J. Weichert.

The Institute's report quoted Origin Space co-founder Yu Tianhong, who informed that the goal of the Chinese space mission in November is to verify and demonstrate multiple functions. They will include spacecraft orbital maneuver, simulated small celestial body capture, intelligent spacecraft identification, and control.

Indispensable Step to Beijing Hegemony

It is not only a ground-breaking move in the space-technology but a political strategy of the Chinese Communist regime consistently pursuing a plan for global domination conspicuously called "the Chinese dream".

First, Beijing plans to woo Western talent to Communist China by building the world's first viable space mining companies and creating the infrastructure needed to support long-range space operations.

The next step is acquiring a monopoly on Rare Earth Minerals, which are irreplaceable in the creation of advanced technology. These minerals are necessary for modern computers, smartphones, batteries for electric cars, and other innovative solutions.

But Beijing can build those space mines because it narrowed its development gap with a massive theft of Western intellectual property from the USA, Australia, and the European Union through hacking and spying.

A 2017 report from the Commission on the Theft of American Intellectual Property estimates that IP theft conducted by Communist China costs American individuals and businesses between $225 and $600 billion annually.

In July, a European Union biennial report has named China as the top offender when it comes to violating intellectual property rights and forced technology transfer practices, that is stealing Western research by Beijing hackers.

The space mission in November is not a result of the genuine work of Chinese researchers. Chinese rogue state has been continued in these operations with the use of the hackers in the homeland, Chinese Embassies, and hundreds of thousands of Chinese nationals who come disguised as tourists, scientists, or journalists to plunder the wealth of the West.

Not A Peaceful Development

The too-fast development of the Beijing regime requires foreign intervention to stop it from achieving its goals with any methods short of open war, warned a top-adviser to one of the Western governments who did not want to be identified. The revision of citizenship for Chinese who bought it for the stolen wealth in Communist China is one of the ways to deprive of Beijing from its vital intelligence assets in the West. The comprehensive deportation followed by the financial isolation of Beijing are steps that must be considered if the West is going to stop the next war with Communist China, he stated.


Beijing, with its Xi ideology, openly preaches war with the West. But, at the same time, Communist Chinese propaganda spends billions of dollars for propaganda and recruitment of its agents of influence to foster the perception of the supposedly modern, peaceful, and prosperous state as an alternative to the Western liberal democracy. The reality is a total opposite of the regime which sources from free labor in thousands of the concentration camps, mad politics of one race, total control of words and deeds of its citizens, enormous financial and social privileges for the ruling class of top communist families while poverty and persecution for the rest of the nation.

The United States security watchers, thanks to whom the security and defence agencies properly identified and counter-acted against the threat of the Soviet Union, are not hiding their concerns. The human rights and international laws violating the Bejing regime can not be allowed to acquire the most modern technology with which it intends to use against the West.
The China threat in space is the most serious challenge to America’s superpower status in decades, emphasised Dr. Weichert.

The Western voters should strongly consider the understanding of the threat and response to be a necessary criterion for them in electing their future representatives, who will form the next governments.


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