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Cuban Dissidents Support the Youth Opposition Group and Jailed Rapper Protests


The four biggest Cuban opposition and dissident organisations have supported on Sunday protests of the Isidoro Group youth opposition group and jailed rapper hunger protest against the unjust imprisonments.

UNPACU, Democratic Action Unity Table, Damas de Blanco operating on the Island, and the Cubadecide group located in the United States, announced on Sunday their support for a protest of young artists.

We are now 25 members of UNPACY and promoters of Cubadecide in solidarity fasting with the San Isidro Movement, the political express José Daniel Ferrer, who heads UNPACU, the Patriotic Union of Cuba, said from Santiago de Cuba on his Twitter account.

On Monday, the operators of the opposition social-media channels have informed about the police brutally beating up the people who are organising ad hoc protests in part in support of the Cuban artists.

The artists from the San Isidro Movement have protested since Monday against the imprisonment of their colleague, pro-freedom and democracy rapper Denis Solís González. The Cuban regime on November 9 sent a young artist to eight months in prison without a trial after the song started to resonate among Cuban youth.

The San Isidro artists have been on hunger protests staying at the apartment in the old part of the capital Havana.

On Saturday, the Communist secret police have imposed surveillance in front of the houses of the activists to prevent them from organising the street protests.

The artist Ms. Tania Bruguera and Mr. Michel Matos, a member of the opposition group, state they have been surrounded by the police agents. They do not allow me to leave my own house under penalty of arrest and confinement… They have limited my internet, I cannot navigate or communicate,” Mr. Matos said on his social-media channel.


Mr. Ferrer also tweeted a video, which showed the artists trying to hold the doors against the brutal attempts of breaking through it. One artist has been said to leave injured after the security police operative attacked him with a hammer.

According to the movement, some members of the group went on a hunger and thirst strike on Saturday.

A foreign journalist was able to verify on Friday a strong presence of the security forces around the headquarters of the group, preventing access to the place of the protest.

The claims raised the support of US authorities such as Washington's Chargé d'Affaires in Cuba, Mr. Tim Zúñiga-Brown, who stated in a tweet that "the world is watching, the international community recognizes their peaceful protest."


The young Cuban artists from San Isidro Movement face grave risks
just for peacefully demanding
their colleagues release from unjust imprisonment


The Hannah Arendt International Institute of Artivism, directed by Ms Tania Bruguera, expressed solidarity with the activists and their peaceful protest: There is no justification for the illegality, arbitrariness and inhumanity of these repressive strategies on the part of the State to restrict the freedom of expression, the author of the statement said.

The regime must cease this utter disregard for human rights, tweeted US Undersecretary of State Mr Michael Kozak.

US Congressman Mr. Albio Sires also expressed his support the artists.

I stand in solidarity with political prisoner Denis Solis and the members of the movement who face grave risks just for peacefully demanding his release, he tweeted.

The Cuban Communist regime does not legally recognize any opposition movement and considers them "mercenaries" in the service of the United States.



Society Condemned, a song on the persecution of freedom fighters in Cuba by a rapper who was unjustly imprisoned by the Communist regime.


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