Czech Politicians Lash At Communist China Threats

Czech and Taiwanese representatives at the Economic, Trade and Investment Forum in Taipei on Sept 1 (Photo: MoEA).

Czech politicians reacted decisively to the threats issued by the Communist China's top "diplomat" commenting on the Senate President visit to Taiwan.


Czech Foreign Minister Tomas Petricek on Tuesday summoned Comrade Zhang Jianmin, the Communist Chinese "ambassador" to the central European country, in response to Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi’s threts for the Czech Senate president’s visiting Taiwan.

Mr Petricek quickly responded to Yi, saying it crossed the line and that he would make his opposition clear to the Chinese side. He also stated that the Czech Republic has its own "one China Policy” and reserves the right to cooperate with Taiwan.

At the ministry Comrade Zhang was told the statement was inappropriate and that it did not comply with the standards for diplomatic communication between two sovereign and independent countries. The ministry's position is that Czech-China relations should focus on positive and practical issues.

That same day, the Mayor of Prague district Reporyje, Mr Pavel Novotny, on his Facebook page posted a photo of a scathing letter he addressed directly to Comrade Wang in response to his threat. In the subject line of the letter, Novotny demands an immediate apology from Comrade Wang's for the threats made against Czech Republic.

In the letter, Novotny condemns Comrade Wang for having "crossed the lines" of diplomatic norms. He then chastised the foreign ministry for threatening the Czech senate speaker in such a way and behaving like "unmannered rude clowns."

It was the last time you opened your mouth commenting on Czech Republic, Mr Novotny emphasised. "You dared to threaten Senate President, you are rude clowns without manners!"

Some EU politicians also stood in solidarity with Czech Republic. Hon. Norbert Röttgen, chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the German Bundestag, called Wang's behavior "not only a diplomatic, but also a democratic affront".

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