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Dangerous Leftist Terrorist Arrested in Germany


The members of the group shared a "militant left-wing extremist ideology", rejected the democratic rule of law, and the right to freedom of expression, the German police informed.

In the German city of Leipzig, officials from the State Criminal Police Office arrested a suspected left-wing terrorist announced he federal prosecutor in Karlsruhe. The suspect faces charges which include dangerous bodily harm and a particularly serious breach of the peace. Besides, she is suspected of being a member of a criminal organization since 2019.

According to the arrest warrant issued by the investigating judge at the Federal Court of Justice, the members of the association shared a "militant left-wing extremist ideology", rejected the existing democratic rule of law, the right to freedom of expression, and the state monopoly on the use of force.

From the beginning, the accused had a leading and prominent position, the author of the warrant stated. She took command over the attacks after she had prepared the deeds. Her car also served as an escape vehicle.

The woman is said to have attacked several people, who, in her opinion, belonged to the right-wing groups. Her apartment in Leipzig and the apartments of two other alleged members of the association were searched.

The radical left terrorist promoted Lenin's ideas, and she admitted
to being a fan of the environmental movement. She also admired Cuban criminal Che Guevara.

The arrested woman joined the association in September 2019 at the latest and played a leading role from the start. She is said to have prepared attacks and also taken command of the execution.

The investigators are suspecting her of having broken into a restaurant in Eisenach with ten to 15 other participants, which, in her opinion, was considered a meeting place for the right-wing scene. The alleged left-wing extremists are said to have mistreated pub guests and the landlord with fists, batons, and irritant gas, causing serious injuries. Parts of the inventory and several window panes were destroyed.

Two months later, the woman and other members are said to have followed the innkeeper and some companions into his apartment and attacked and injured him again with striking tools and irritant gas. Besides, his car was damaged. After that, the attackers escaped in the woman's car, on which the stolen license plate is said to have been attached. For this attack, the suspect had previously stolen hammers from a hardware store but was caught by a security guard. She hit the man in the stomach and fled, the lawyers announced. But she was caught a little later.

The woman promoted Lenin's ideas, and she admitted to being a fan of the environmental movement. She has been an admirer of Che Guevara, who was a Cuban criminal who murdered hundreds of freedom fighters opposing the Castro army.

The arrested woman planned, also, an attack on someone else, but she could not carry it out, the public prosecutor said in a statement. The accused is said to have determined the home address of a possible target person in Leipzig, and according to the investigators, she also used allies from Berlin for an attack.

The terrorist suspect will now be brought before the BGH investigating judge, who will decide on pre-trial detention.



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