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Disney Asked About Its Cooperation With Chinese Secret Police Over New Movie


© GREG BAKER/AFP via Getty Images This photo taken on May 31, 2019 shows watchtowers on a high-security facility near what is believed to be a re-education camp where mostly Muslim ethnic minorities are detained, on the outskirts of Hotan, in China's northwestern Xinjiang region. - As many as three million ethnic Uighurs and other mostly Muslim minorities are believed to be held in a network of internment camps in Xinjiang, but China has not given any figures and describes the facilities as "vocational education centres" aimed at steering people away from extremism.

U.S. Senators demanded an explanation from Disney over the filming of "Mulan".

Part of the filming took place in Xinjiang, where the national minority of China, the Uighurs, live. According to the UN, there are political camps in the region through which they pass "for indoctrination."

A group of US congressmen sent a letter to the CEO of The Walt Disney Company, Bob Chapek, demanding that he explain the company's ties with the security forces of the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region which Uyghurs call the Turkiestan in Communist China during the filming of Mulan. The corresponding letter was published on the website of Republican Senator Marco Rubio, who was one of the initiators of the letter.

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According to the United Nations, there are political camps in the Turkiestan where the authorities sent at least 3 million Uyghurs and other representatives of Muslim minorities "for indoctrination." Beijing said at the same time that "there is no so-called human rights problem in Xinjiang."

A blogger Mr Shawn Zhang, who claims to have mapped out the numerous camps in Xinjiang, wrote that if the "Mulan" film crew landed at the Turpan airport and traveled along highway G312 to the Shanshan Desert, "They could see at least seven re-education camps." Zhang told in interview with media that "Re-education Camp No. 87" is located in Shanshan County a mere seven kilometers away from where the Shanshan Desert scenes were shot.

The camp is officially called the Shanshan County Vocational Skill Education Center. Zhang said it is a stone material factory, based on satellite imagery.

Disney thanks to CCP Propaganda entities

In credits Disney thanks a number of Chinese Communist Party entities in Xinjiang, where part of the movie was filmed. Among these were two publicity departments in the city of Turpan and one in Shanshan County, indicating that filming took place in both areas.

The makers of the film even saw fit to thank the Turpan Municipal Bureau of Public Security, which the U.S. Commerce Department last October placed on its Entity List for engaging in "human rights violations and abuses in the implementation of China's campaign of repression, mass arbitrary detention, and high-technology surveillance against Uighurs, Kazakhs, and other members of Muslim minority groups in the XUAR."

US Congressmen from Democratic and Republican party, 12 Senators and 6 Representatives, in the letter to the Walt Disney Company’s demanded detailed description of any cooperation involving official PRC and CCP entities in the Xinjiang during the filming.

“The decision to remove the Mulan units in the Xinjiang in cooperation with the local security and propaganda services [is] a tacit recognition of the legitimacy of these criminals, whose acts could amount to genocide,” the letter reads in the statement.

Disney policies do not favour human rights

In 1997 after Disney released a motion picture on a life of Dalai Lama that pictured the Communist China's aggression against Tibet, Beijing banned company from filming in in China. After Disney apologised to Chinese Communist Party, the company was able to open its theme park in Communist China. Out of 11,000 workers in the park at least 300 are families of the top Communist Party officials, reminded US Attorney General William Barr. There are red stars and hammer and sickle that are symbols of the violation of human rights and poverty next to Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse, which are symbolising liberty and free enterprise, in that Disney's park.


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