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Exiled Iranian Female Freedom Fighter Faces Deportation


Turkey Islamic government arrested on Monday the prominent Iranian female anti-hijab activist Ms Maryam Shariatmadari and plans to deport her to Iran where she may face the death penalty.

Ms Shariatmadari has been recognised, among the world freedom movements in the West, for her efforts to fight for women rights in Iran.

The fate of Ms Shariatmadari electrified the freedom fighters , prompting Iranian-Americans to protest against her deportation.

"Maryam Shariatmadari is a leading Iran activist who courageously defied forced hejab laws. For her civil disobedience, she was thrown to the ground and into the dungeon. Erdogan has arrested her and wants to deport her back- she could well be executed,” tweeted the Iranian-American public intellectual Ms Mariam Memarsadeghi.

In 2018, the Iranian authorities arrested Ms Shariatmadari, the then-32-year-old computer science student at Amir Kabir University in Tehran, for her role in a protest against the forced Hijab. She took off the hijab and waved it like a flag.

It was a symbolic gesture of the “Girls of Revolution Street” movement, which advocated choice over compulsion for women’s clothing.

At the protest a policeman severely injured her knee. Ms Shariatmadari’s mother, Mitra Jamshidzadeh, was also detained for 25 hours when she went to the Vozara Police Station to demand her daughter’s release.

The Iranian freedom fighter eventually was able to flee to Turkey.


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