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Facebook Limits Political Content on Its Feed


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg testifies before a joint hearing of the Commerce and Judiciary Committees on Capitol Hill in Washington in 2018. (AFP)

A new filtering system combined with algorithms will balance the amount of political news with the post of the other interests on the social media giant's pages.

User's taste, preference, and the choice will not matter for Facebook anymore. At least, it will not consider as much as before in the composition of its deeply personalised feed. The company's product manager director Ms. Aastha Gupta announced reducing political news.

Some users in Brasil, Canada, Indonesia, and the USA, as the first group will observe a decrease in political content.

Ms. Gupta said that only a small percentage of users will be affected by the changes.

Facebook will implement a new system in Brasil and the USA next week.

In January, the firm's CEO Mr. Mark Zuckerberg announced that his social media platform would take new measures to decrease the temperature of the political discussions. Some users and people of goodwill criticised the blocking of selected people, including former US President Donald Trump from Facebook for political reasons. But proponents of the limiting of free speech for political enemies, including Apple CEO Tim Cook, stated that Facebook is encouraging a deep polarisation of the political views.

By the end of January Facebook has announced that it would not include any political or social organisations in its recommendations. Now, as Ms. Gupta said the firm will filter political content to balance the news in the users' feed. But Facebook will not filter any news from the government websites, the company stated.

The specialists warned that such a filtering system can be used to expand the scale of censorship. In the future, the algorithms may reject the websites which Facebook managers would not approve.

The Facebook decision may be motivated by the increasing threat of being cut off from the professional media websites if it refuses to pay reasonable compensation. The Australian government launched pilot regulations that would prevent social media giants from a perusal of the information without payment.


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