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Footage of an Indoctrinated Uyghur Boy Strengthens Accusation of China’s Genocide


Chinese Communist Party has unjustly imprisoned Abdulaziz Tohti in the concentration camp for children in Xinjiang. (Archives) (Archives)

A boy is a prisoner in a Chinese Communist Party concentration camps for children whose Uyghur parents are being sent to labor camps.


What is your country? a voice asks off-camera. The People’s Republic China, a boy replies. What is your flag? a question follows. Five-starred red flag, the boy says. About four years old boy is not smiling. It is not a school. Four years before, he was separated from their parents. It is a camp for children whose parents were sent to labor camps.

The boy is being indoctrinated according to the plan of the Chinese Communist Party. The plan aims to eradicate the Turkic minority with over 2000 years of history of blossoming civilisation. The historic nation with its own unique language, culture, and civilisational achievements.

Chinese Communist Party has unjustly imprisoned Abdulaziz Tohti
in the concentration camp for children in Xinjiang.

Mr. Abdurahman Tohti came across this horrifying footage on a Mandarin video sharing site in January 2019. When he saw the video, he broke. The boy was his son. In 2017 his wife went with Abdulaziz and the other child to Xinjiang to be closer to her mother. But the woman was caught in the middle of genocidal policies that led to her imprisonment and children camp for Mr. Tohti’s sons.


On this sattellite photo, taken in the summer of 2020, about 1,500 Uyghurs are being march from the detention camp to a factory in Aksu province of Xinjiang Uyghur region. (Archives).

In March, I got the news that all of my family members have been arrested in camps. I thought of suicide. There is nobody left, he said in an interview with a London Times journalist who first reported the story.

US Weighs Designation of China as Genocidal Regime

Last week the United States State Department began an official review into whether the Chinese Communist Party’s actions in Xinjiang constitute a genocide.

Although administration officials have been outspoken on the situation of the Uyghurs, the path toward a potential atrocity determination has been a long time coming. The case requires an assertion of what the intent of the perpetrators actually is. 

But the fact that Communist China has run a global disinformation campaign to deny its crimes may help to prove that it is a perpetrator of suggested crimes.

We have not yet observed any visible effort to stop the genocide of the Uyghur nation, says President of World Uyghur Congress Mr. Dolkun Isa. (Archives)

There has been a little formal international investigation of the allegations and comprehensive response to these atrocities is greatly needed, stated Lord David Alton during his speech at the US Holocaust Memorial Museum.  

Incarcerated Uyghurs need to be released from the re-education/concentration camps and from forced slave labour. Their customs, their history, their culture, their religion and their identity need to be valued and respected. Their dignity restored. Their human rights affirmed, Lord Alton emphasised. 

The China's attrocites against Uyghurs surpassed the crimes of war-criminals sentenced by the International Tribunal

Until recently, the international community has watched passively at Beijing’s atrocities in the Xinjiang Uyghur region. 

Must five million, or all Uyghurs, be killed that the world would react? During World War II, some could explain their passiveness with limited information, but today the news is available to everyone, asked President of World Uyghurs Congress Mr. Dolkun Isa in an interview with The Owner. 

Chinese Communist Party officials are not hiding the true goals of its genocidal campaign against Uyghurs. Break their lineage, break their roots, break their connections, and break their origins, wrote one CCP religious-affairs official in a 2019 article. Such an open statement can be compared with an intent of physical genocide of the Serbian regime led by Slobodan Milosevic against the minorities in former Yugoslavia.

The U.N.’s tribunal on war crimes in Yugoslavia could sentence him for crimes based on the statement of such intent. 


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