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Former NATO General-Secretary Democracies Face War with China



It is unimaginable that Europe would stay aside when Communist China wage war against the democracy of Taiwan, Denmark's former Prime Minister stated.

Former Danish Prime Minister and ex-NATO Secretary-General Mr. Anders Vogt Rasmussen admitted that there is a possibility of a war with China over Taiwan in the next few years. He shared his perspective in the interview with Denmark's BT during the Copenhagen Democratic Summit on May 10-11.

I consider it probable that China will attack Taiwan within 5-10 years. The consequences can be dire, the newspaper quoted him as saying. We may find ourselves at war with China, he added.

When China threatens war over democratic Taiwan the future of democracy is in the stakes

Mr. Rasmussen discussed the statement of the Chinese leader Xi Jinping that the reunification of Taiwan with China should take place by the 100th anniversary of the proclamation of the People's Republic of China, which will be celebrated in 2049. The former NATO Secretary-General stated that in fact, the military conflict may happen earlier.

The Americans said that if China carries out its threats against Taiwan, it will be consequences. I have no doubt that the Americans will respond militarily, he said.

It is in this light one needs to look at NATO's taking a serious interest in China as a source of military threat. And if it comes to sorting out relations with the help of weapons, I believe Europe will have to help the Americans. The future of democracy is in the stakes, no less, stated the politician.

Taiwanese President Ms. .Tsai Ing-wen also takes part in the Copenhagen Democratic Summit.


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