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France Regains Deportation Powers In A New Immigration Bill


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On Wednesday, the French parliament voted for a new immigration bill to strengthen France’s ability to deport undesirable foreigners. The move prompted a heated debate after the right parties decided to back the measure.


The bill passed the lower house of parliament, the National Assembly, with a 349-186 vote late Tuesday. It had previously been voted by the Senate.


Source:  Associated Press


Is it already a law?

The bill still needs to be officially enacted into law.
It is said that French President Emmanuel Macron's party had enough votes from Macron’s centrist allies and from the conservatives for the bill to pass.


How did the government explain the bill?

Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin said in the Parliament, "Who here can say that we must allow criminals, people on our land, who attack us, attack our professors and who attack our police forces and who attack the youth on the cafe terraces, without reacting?"
The conservatives said the compromise text features provisions to reduce the number of migrants coming to France, notably by limiting foreigners’ access to social benefits.



Many saw the negotiations as a sign of Macron's government's shift to the right.
Leftist politicians accused the centrists of pushing the law through with the support of the far-right.

Marine Le Pen, the right National Rally group leader at the National Assembly, described the legislation as an" ideological victory" for her party.



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