Guaidó Believes Biden Will Maintain Pressure on Maduro

The democratic leader like any president in the world today, would like to approximate a solution to the crisis in Venezuela, the interim president of Venezuela indicated this during the interview from his home in Caracas on Wednesday.

Despite speculation regarding the policy that Democrat Joe Biden will promote in the face of the Venezuelan crisis once he assumes the presidency of the United States, Mr. Juan Guaidó trusts that the Democrat will maintain maximum pressure against the dictatorship of Nicolás Maduro.

Mr. Guaidó, also president of the National Assembly, controlled by the opposition, said that he believes that Biden, like any president in the world today, would like to approximate a solution to the crisis in Venezuela.

Why? Because today Venezuela, unfortunately, is in a precarious situation comparable to the level of conflict in Syria, explained the opposition leader.

Likewise, the interim president of Venezuela stated on Wednesday that he hopes to maintain bipartisan support in the United States, as Mr. Biden prepares to assume power in January 2021.


Biden promised to garner more international support for the opposition in Venezuela

In September, a statement from the Democratic Party leadership campaign team indicated what his objectives would be regarding the Latin American country: I will organize the international community to give a solid response to the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela, I will hold Maduro and supporters of the regime responsible for corruption and human rights abuses, and I will spearhead international efforts to push for free and fair elections.

In February 2019, Mr. Biden urged the governments of the world to declare their support for Mr. Guaidó as interim president of Venezuela to achieve a democratic transition in the Miraflores Palace.


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