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Immigrants from China To Protest Against CCP in Sydney


Chinese immigrants residing in Australia are urging Australians to speak out against the violation of human rights and basic values by Communist Beijing.

Tibetans, Uyghurs, Mongolians, Hong Kongers, Taiwanese, and other immigrants from China announced the demonstration Unite Against the CCP at the Chinese Consulate in Sydney. The protest, which takes place on World Human Rights Day on Thursday afternoon, will be followed by a march.

In modern China, the vicious ideology used to keep the Chinese Communist Party in power has denied the most fundamental freedoms to hundreds of millions of innocent people, stated a group which identifies itself as Australians Unite Against CCP [Chinese Communist Party] Tyranny.

One of the organisers, Ms. Zhang, whose family lives still in China, told in an interview with The Owner that Chinese immigrants want to remind that there needs to be an improvement of the human rights situation in Communist China. We hope to increase awareness of Australians that they would direct their attention and help to address the issue, Ms. Zhang emphasised.

The crimes and tyranny of CCP are truly beyond description,
stated Chinese immigrants in Australia.


The Chinese immigrants in Australia, in their invitation, which The Owner received, stressed that crimes and tyranny of CCP are truly beyond description.

The group stated that the Communist Party restricts teaching ethnic language, which is "tantamount to religious and cultural extinction" for minority groups. It has also "blatantly" disregarded its obligation to preserve the "one country, two systems" in Hong Kong. And promised the military "liberation" of Taiwanese in their democratic and free country.

In October, Liberal Senator Erick Abetz, at the hearings, asked Mr. Osmond Chiu to condemn the actions of the Chinese Communist Party, including forced organ harvesting and unjust imprisonment of more than a million Uighurs in concentration camps. But Mr. Chiu denied to denounce it, saying only that he "does not support it."

Senator Abetz was criticised by some media and politicians for asking to “unconditionally condemn” the totalitarian Chinese Communist Party but has found support amongst Australia’s Chinese community.

This part of Australia's Chinese community that grows in strength, courage, and number, has invited all Australians to the demonstration in Sydney on Thursday.

Demonstration: Dec 10, 2020. Time: 10am - 2 pm at the Martin Place (near China's Consulate) in Sydney


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