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Indo-Pacific Democracies Must Be Prepared for War With China


Xi Jinping appears consistently adopting multiple means to realise his so-called China dream by dropping all pretenses of China’s peaceful rise and reverting to all-out war.

U.S. troops must be ready for conflict with China as tensions between the two nations simmer, Pacific Air Forces’ leaders said Friday during a Facebook Live video call to airmen in Japan. Beijing, with its “maligned and coercive activity that’s frequently not in accordance with international law,” is the greatest challenge facing the region, PACAF commander Gen. Kenneth Wilsbach said on the call.

“We’ve got to challenge and compete with them in accordance with the national (defense) strategy, but we also have to be ready in the event we get called to go fight tonight,” he said. China’s “disturbing” behavior, Wilsbach said, includes its “crackdown on the democratic process” in Hong Kong that sparked unrest last year, its recent border clashes with India and its militarization and island-building in the South China Sea.

Beijing believes it has a historic right to the region, pointing to early maps China published that claim the South and East China Seas as its own. However, a United Nations panel in 2016 rejected these claims in a ruling in a case brought by the Philippines.

“[They are] making new islands in the South China Sea and saying that it’s always been that way and it’s Chinese territory — and it hasn’t,” General Wilsbach said. “That’s revisionist history.”  General Wilsbach criticized China for “threatening action” when U.S. military ships and aircraft approach “not even close to the 12-mile territory of China,” referring to the distance from coastlines that makes up a nation’s territorial waters under international maritime law.

“All that maligned activity is causing a lot of consternation with us and with our allies and partners in the region because we … are looking for a free and open Indo-Pacific, which includes open commerce, open seas [and] open skies to be used in accordance with international law,” General Wilsbach stated.

The critical element for the modern international armies is coordination which was the main element of the naval manoeuvres Malabar in the Bay of Bengal with participation of US, Australia, India, and Japan that ended on Friday. The exercises included anti-submarine warfare


After the so-called plenary of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China has given a free hand to Xi for steering China into dominating the world in the manner he wants the security situation of the world and especially Indo-Pacific region will worsen. 

Mr Xi is convinced Leninist who uses "Chinese characteristics" for a cover in his propaganda offensive. Consistently with leninism he believes that peace which is international socialism can be enforced only through war with the international capital that is the West. He is hiding his hatred to the Western values and West only in the speeches that are translated for English audience.

In 2018 he openly called upon PLA at all levels to raise the war preparedness. A year later, Mr Xi stated, that army must be ready for a ‘comprehensive military struggle from a new starting point’. Last month, he urged a special units in the Eastern coats to hasten their war readiness.

Mr Xi is not hiding his goals, and now every person can hear what are his plans. And these plans are not peace and prosperity for the West but a destruction, deaths and submission. He is not joking, and it is the last moment that business leaders and politicians would finally take him seriously after decades of putting at risk security and future of the Western citizens.

European countries slowly are beginning to recognise the growing threat of the hot war against the Western allies in the region. Germany has declared it will send a warship to patrol the Indian Ocean beginning next year - joining the effort for a fair and free Indo-Pacific and keeping the global commons free from Chinese interference.

Communist China can be expected to become more and more aggressive as its comprehensive national power increases, especially its military power at sea. 

Xi could adopt multiple means to realise his China dream by dropping all pretenses of China’s peaceful rise, the observers have warned. Not only the United States but the whole Western world must take this threat very seriously now.



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