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Indoctrination and Torture in Xinjiang Concentration Camps, Not Education, Survival Says


Communist China has unjustly imprisoned least one million and most likely more of Uyghurs and other non-ethnic Muslims in the concentration camps. (AFP)

A Kazakh man whom Communist China's police unjustly imprisoned in the camp told about the guards who, with violence and threats, persecute Uyghurs, Kazakhs, and other non-ethnic Chinese.

On September 3, 2017, the local police in Xinjiang accused Nurlan Kokteubai of being a member of an international terrorist organization. The operatives argued that he lives, what they called, a secret life and often traveled to Kazakhstan. They decided to send him to a reeducation center.
He explained that he consented to their suggestion because he thought it would be only a questioning.

It turned out to be nearly two years of persecution that included more than a year of incarceration in the concentration camp.

Mr. Kokteubai said that the camp was in the former school building, in the village of Shapshal. One entrance with a gate, around - a high fence, he described the camp.

Guards gave him prisoner's clothes without belts, buttons, and shoelaces and closed him behind the door with two locks in a small cell with seven other detainees.

The only goal of imprisonment: Communist indoctrination

As Mr. Kokteubai explained, he and his co-prisoners learned neither language nor any profession. What they were forced to learn was the message that the Communist Party is their new god. The only instructor in that learning was a television in the cell.

The programs showed China's development and touted its supposed prosperity. There were reports about Xi Jinping's foreign trips that claimed how, thanks to the chairman's project "One Belt - One Road," Western Europe turned its face to China, the Kazakh survivor of Chinese concentration camps told the Azatyk radio.

CCP enforces Hilter-like slogans of racism and superiority of Chinese nation upon Uyghurs

The prisoners had to memorise one message: China will conquer the whole world. Soon, the yuan will replace the dollar, and the Mandarin language will dominate over English. After that, China will become a rich and happy country.

CCP forces Uyghurs to memorise and repeat that China will conquer the whole world

The guards subjected the prisoners to the indoctrination on television, which they had to watch all day. It was the only purpose of the detainment, Mr. Kokteubai emphasised.


Communist China's police tortures and indoctrinates the unjustly detained Uyghurs in the concentration camps in Xinjiang (East Turkistan). (AFP)


In the mornings, the prisoners had to shout slogans praising the Chinese Communist Party and its winning strategy to conquer the world.

Most of prisoners are educated and accomplished Uyghurs

The prisoners between age 17 and 80 were Uyghurs and some Kazakhs, the majority were educated and accomplished individuals.

Kazakh survival, who first shared his story with Azatyk radio in Kazakhstan, said that he knew that the guards beat the prisoners although he did not experience it. He also said that the guards would take some prisoners in the middle of the night. And they would not return.

Thanks to the effort of his family, who lives in Kazakhstan, he was eventually released. But until today, he suffers psychological trauma and physical diseases it developed while imprisoned in the concentration camp.



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