Iran Knew That Its Missile Destroyed Ukrainian Plane

The debris of the Ukrainian aircraft that Iran army targeted with a missile. (AFP)


 Ukrainian media published an audio file which proves that Iran knew immediately the cause of the crash of the civilian flight nearby Teheran.


The Ukrainian television published a recording of the conversation in Farsi between the pilot of Ukrainian aircraft and the traffic control tower officer in Teheran moments before the crash. A 42 seconds audio is a part of so-called black box recordings from the plane that was flying from the city of Shiraz to the capital.

"There is a series of lights... yes, it is a missile, is there happening something?", the pilot asks the air traffic controller. "No, how far? Where?" replies a confused air traffic controller.

The pilot informs that he saw the light, at Pajam Airport. Nearby there, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard launched Tor M-1 anti-aircraft missiles.
The air traffic controller then says that nothing has been reported to them, but the pilot insists. "It is the light of the missile," he says. "Do you see anything anymore?", asks the air traffic controller. "Dear engineer, it was an explosion. We saw a very big light there, " the pilot replies. The air traffic controller then tries unsuccessfully to contact the Ukrainian aircraft.

Public radar information suggests that the pilot's aircraft from the now released audio recording, Flight 3768 of Aseman Airlines, was close enough to Tehran to see the explosion.

Iranian authorities accused the Ukrainian government of leakage of an important document. "This action by the Ukrainians led us to make a decision not to share any evidence with them," stated the Director of the Iranian Civil Aviation Authority Hassan Resaifar, according to the semi-official news agency Mehr.

Few days after the shot down, in early January, Iran admitted that it accidentally targeted the Ukraine International Airlines plane that started its flight in Tehran. All 176 people on board had died. The plane was scheduled to land in Kyiv.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, stated in the interview with the 1 + 1 television, that the recording shows that the Iranian side knew from the beginning "that our plane was shot down by a missile". He repeated his request that the flight data recorders should be evaluated in Kyiv. Iran agreed to this in January but later withdrew its promise.


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