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Israel Arrests Terror Suspects From Judeah and Samariah



After three days massive search Israel's military and the security services arrested suspects in a weekend drive-by shooting that left one Israeli dead and two injured.

Troops and Shin Bet operatives raided a building in the village of Silwad in the Judea and Samaria, arresting Muntasser Shalaby, 44. Shalaby, an Arab from the nearby village of Turmus Ayya, had no know ties to militant groups, officials said. Local media reported that he also held U.S. citizenship.

The arrest came shortly after Defense Minister Benny Gantz announced that Yehuda Guetta, one of those wounded in Sunday’s shooting, had died of his injuries. In the attack, a gunman had opened fire from a car at a group of Israelis standing at a busy intersection. The death occurred after a recent US President Mr. Biden's decision to relaunch the financing of Arabs caused an uptick in Arabic violence against Israel.

Late Wednesday, a 16-year-old Arab provoke a confrontation in the village of Odla near the city of Nablus with Israeli army and was shot on the spot. The military said several Arabs had thrown firebombs toward soldiers.

In recent days, protesters have scuffled with police in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in east Jerusalem.

Late Wednesday, the Arabic Red Crescent medical service said several people were injured in clashes in Sheikh Jarrah, including three people shot by rubber bullets. Israeli police reported five arrests, including an Arab rioter posing as a medic who they said had thrown rocks at security forces.


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