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Israel Contemplates Shutdown



FACT: On Wednesday at 9.00 pm local time the number of infected in Israel was 2369. It increased by 439 during the previous 24 hours. The majority of individuals, 2197, have a mild sickness. Serious and critically ill are 103.

FACT: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated that he is ready to introduce shutdown of the country with exception of grocery stores and food and medicines deliveries.

Israeli government prohibited Israelis from leaving their homes with exception:

  • commuting to work (permitted by the law);
  • medical appointment;
  • going to Knesset;
  • donating blood;
  • a small walk (not far than 100 metres from home);
  • medical or social help to other person,
  • prayer in the open area (without roof) with participation not more than 20 people standing not closer than 2 metres away from each other;
  • transport of a child from one parent to the other one.

Only one person can travel by taxi. In one car can be only two people.

Public transportation services were reduced by 25 per cent.

All deliveries of goods must be delivered without a human contact.

In public places, including in a shop (i.e. cash-registry), the distance between the customers must be at least 2 metres.


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