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Israel Created Anti-Virus



Israeli and Dutch researchers independently confirmed the ability of the antibodies to neutralise and defeat the Wuhan virus.


FACT: The specialist at the Israeli Ministry of Defense created an antibody that which neutralises Wuhan virus, the author of the statement of the Ministry stated. The researchers mixed new and pure antibodies with a small amount of foreign proteins harmful for the patient. In the result, the antibodies have proven to be able to bind and destroy the virus.

According to the virologists the new antibodies will be utilised for the treatment of diseases caused by the virus.

FACT: On Tuesday, the researchers from the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands informed about the success of an experiment on the monoclonal antibody that has the potential to destroy the Wuhan virus. "The 47D11 antibody attacks a protein that gives the Wuhan virus a corona shape and allows it to enter human cells", the author of the Dutch University report stated.

OPINION: The news about the successful experiments follows strong warnings by the German virologists, including renowned expert on the coronaviruses, Dr Christian Drosten against any unrestricted school and kindergarten openings.

Dr Drosten and the team of German researchers have published a new research, which indicates that children are as infectious as adults. "The virus load that the is evidenced in the respiratory tract does not differ by age group," Dr Drosten emphasised. Commenting on new discovery, he expressed his belief that the antibodies will help to limit the deaths caused by the diseases triggered by the Wuhan virus.


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