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Japan Warns Of Rising Security Threats In New Report


Moscow's attack on Ukraine established precedent that threatens the security of neighbouring Taiwan, the authors of the report said.

Japan warned on Friday of escalating national security threats, including repercussions from Russia's war with Ukraine, Chinese intimidation of Taiwan, and vulnerable technology supply chains, in its annual defence white paper.

he 500-page report sets out the government's security concerns as it prepares the defence ministry budget request due next month, aiming to build public support for an unprecedented hike in military funding that the ruling party aims to double over the next decade or so.

It also sets the stage for a year-end national security review expected to call for the acquisition of longer-range strike missiles, strengthened space and cyber capabilities, and tighter controls over access to technology.

Chinese Invasions of Japan's Air and Maritime Border Increased

The political, economic and military rivalries between nations is clear, and the challenge posed to the international order is a global issue, the white paper said.

The document includes a chapter on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which it says risks sending the message “that an attempt to unilaterally change the status quo by force is acceptable”.

The paper surveys the global security landscape and specific threats to Japan, and says there was concern that Russia could “further enhance and deepen relationships with China”.

In May, Chinese and Russian military jets carried out joint flights near Japan immediately after a meeting of the Quad grouping - comprising Australia, India, Japan and the US - in Tokyo.


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