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Mongolian Protest Against Discrimination by Beijing Regime


Hundreds of ethnic Mongolian parents protested against the Beijing regime's discrimination of their children after it became clear that the schools cancelled Mongolian teaching in the secondary schools of general education.

Tens of thousands of ethnic Mongolian students and parents are demonstrating in northern China over unannounced plans by the Chinese government to cancel Mongolian-medium teaching in the region's schools.

Protests have broken out across major cities in China's northern region of Inner Mongolia over the weekend, including Tongliao, Ordos, and the regional capital, Hohhot, while one student jumped to his death, Radio Liberty reported.

On the evening of Aug. 30, a Mongolian student reportedly jumped from the building to his death, the Sheebert Mongolian High School in Horchin Left Banner stated posting video footage showing an ambulance leaving the school amid angry protests. An ethnic Mongolian resident confirmed the report.

Students across the region forced their way through police cordons around schools that had been designed to hold them in, to join their parents who were protesting outside, several video clips showed.

At the gate of one school, kneeling students in school uniforms shouted: "Our language is Mongolian, and our homeland is Mongolia forever! Our mother tongue is Mongolian, and we will die for our mother tongue!"

The regime brought Chinese armed police to quench the protests. The Owner could confirm that the black buses with inscription "police" used for transportation of the special forces could be seen on the video footage from Hohhot.

Chinese Communist Party's purge of Mongolian culture

Chinese Communist Party targeted Mongolian students of the Schools of the General Education replacing Mongolian language with Mandarin pursuing mad policy of ethnic cleansing.

The Party called this move in the Orwellian language: "a bi-lingual education policy". The regime functionaries organised secret meeting to inform the teachers about the Beijing decision. Police operatives threatened concerned parents not to reveal any information.  



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