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More Than 100 Women Arrested or Disappeared During The Protests in Cuba


Among over seven hundred imprisoned protesters during the recent peaceful anti-Communist uprising in Cuba, nearly one-sixth were women and teenage girls, stated the authors of a human rights report published on Friday.

The Cubalex Legal Information Center specialists, who keep updated the list of arrested and disappeared after the national uprising on July 11 in Cuba, documented the detention of more than a hundred women. Independent Radio Marti reported the information.

Out of 711 confirmed detentions or forced disappearances of protesters, information about the whereabouts of 547 was missing.

The specialists verified that 134 are women and 568 are men. However, at least 238 were unverified. The regime released about 164.
The "Cuban women who participate in politics" campaign focuses on solidarity with women imprisoned for participation in the anti-Communist uprising of July 11.

Ms. Iliana Álvarez, director of an independent Cuban magazine in Spain, explained that she wanted to give visibility to women detained for exercising their right to demonstrate.

We know that demonstrating is a human right. However, in Cuba, that right does not exist, it is an elementary right. On that day, through the images, we could all see that women and young women, but women of all ages, had an immense prominence, explained Ms. Álvarez.

Some of them are minors and yet were first disappeared, then detained, and some tried. It is crucial to give visibility to those who would not have media support since they are neither artists nor well-known public figures. Such support like this campaign will put pressure on the regime, she stated.




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