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NATO to Forge Closer Ties With Australia


A powerful defence Alliance mostly focused on the threat of aggressive Russian adventurism will soon extend its reach to Oceania to help protect the democracies against Communist China's hostility, the new report suggests.

NATO, the defence alliance of thirty countries including Canada and the United States, will forge closer ties with non-NATO countries such as Australia and focus more on deterrence in space, where China is developing assets, according to a report "NATO 2030" to be published on today in Brussels.

China is no longer the benign trading partner that the West had hoped for. It is the rising power of our century and NATO must adapt, emphasised one NATO diplomat who has seen the report, pointing to Chinese activity in the Arctic and Africa and to its heavy investments in European infrastructure.

Part of NATO's response should be maintaining a technological advantage over China, protecting computer networks and infrastructure, the diplomat said, citing the report, although not all recommendations will be adopted.

The report will be discussed by NATO foreign ministers today before being presented to the alliance's heads of state and government next year.

The report prepared by a group of so-called 'wise men' and containing 138 proposals, comes amid growing doubts about the purpose and relevance of an alliance.


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