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New Intelligence Shows Beijing Military Nuclear Facilities Expansion


The satellite images indicated the rapid enlargement of the nuclear warhead-production-related research facility.

Communist China has expanded its three nuclear facilities which, include plutonium and uranium plants that are part of the secret build-up of nuclear arsenal according to the new intelligence provided to NATO allies. Since 2010, the military complexes involved in the production of multi-warhead missiles have significantly increased in size, according to the report published by The Washington Times.

One plutonium production area, the Jiuquan Atomic Energy Complex, doubled in size at a nuclear re-processing zone in the past two years alone and added another reactor in the past year. The complex is situated in north-central China next to a similar facility in Jinta. At least eight locations including, a nuclear test site in Lop Nur in Xinjiang, a warhead production and development center in the Mianyang area, and the fissile material production center in Hanzhong, have increasingly been raising concerns of the analysts about Beijing intention. 

Communist China has been secretly expanding the military plants
that are part of the secret build-up of nuclear arsenal

The satellite image indicated the rapid expansion of the nuclear warhead-production-related research facility at Mianyang, in south-central China. Mianyang produces warheads and conducts research, development and testing of nuclear arms under the direction of the China Academy of Engineering and Physics. It is the leading institution of Communist China that includes a plat that can deliver nuclear weapons to targets. The Beijing bureaucracy defines goals of the Academy in Mianyang both as civilian and military.


Another complex which troubles military analysts is China’s military reactor centre at Leshan which, according to the estimates, has increased by about 20 times in size since 2010. Leshan complex is used for production of nuclear warheads for the attack submarines and the destroyers.

“The world deserves to know what China is up to. They have never admitted how many nuclear weapons they have and how many they plan on building,” said Mr. Marshall Billingslea, the State Department’s lead envoy for arms control.

The observers do not doubt that Xi regime has been preparing the country for the major war.

The observers do not doubt that Xi regime has been preparing the country for the major war. The scale of the military build-up has been unprecedented. The analysts also are taking under the account that the information delivered by the intelligence sources is only fragmentary and the full scale of the military production has been unknown. 

It is estimated, that Communist China dug, at least, 220 km the underground facilities with the fortified silos hard to detect by the satellites. It is believed, that the part of the underground facilities are secret apartments, the shelters for top families of the Communist Party in the event of the nuclear war. But the reports about this particular facilities were never revealed to the public.

But there are two methods, which helped to reveal intentions of the Soviet Union and which seem to be credible testing for the plans of the Beijing regime: the military parade and the missile testing. Both indicated an enormous activity of Chinese military, and the latter even during the pandemic.

A comparison of parades of missiles since 2009 showed that the latest parade in 2019 was 10 times longer than the first and displayed new missiles such as the DF-17 hypersonic missile, DF-26 intermediate-range ballistic missile, and DF-31 and DF-41 ICBMs, along with the JL-2 submarine-launched missile. 

The 2019 Communist China's military parade was 10 times longer than the one ten years earlier

In 2018 and 2019 China launched 225 ballistic missiles per year, that is a huge number, more than the rest of the world combined. As of October of this year, even with pandemic, China has shot off 180 ballistic missiles.

It is clear from imagery that China is engaged in a secretive crash buildup of its infrastructure. There is no doubt that China wants to be on par with the United States and Russia in terms of its military and nuclear capabilities, Mr. Billingslea added.

Beijing is increasingly inconsistent with a no-first-use military weapon policy

US Adm. Charles Richard, commander of the Strategic Command, told media in September stated that it is also important to observe the increase of China’s forces readiness. 

You have to look at the totality of it: the delivery systems, what they’re capable of, what their readiness is, he said. And China, in particular, is developing a stack of capabilities that, to my mind, is increasingly inconsistent with a stated no-first-use policy.


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