US Gets Australian-made Wuhan Virus Test

The rapid test detects, in 20 minutes, the presence of the Wuhan virus proteins in the body.

The US Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Tuesday approved a home testing kit for Wuhan virus.

This kit will be available in pharmacies without a prescription. According to FDA chief Stephen Hahn, "the patient will be able to take a swab from the nasal cavity, test and get the result in just 20 minutes." The test manufacturer, Australian company Ellume, has announced that it will be able to produce 3 million test kits in January. Then their output will increase dramatically. The estimated cost of the kit is $ 30.

This rapid test detects the presence of the virus proteins in the body. According to experts, this technology does not guarantee one hundred percent accuracy of the results. If the test results are negative, but a person has symptoms of coronavirus infection, they should see a doctor, the FDA recommends.

Nearly two million people are now tested for the Wuhan virus in the United States every day, according to the Associated Press. According to experts, to control the epidemic, the number of tests should be increased several times.

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