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"Nobody who is responsible for so many deaths can remain president"



During  the last TV debate before the election, Joe Biden attacked incumbent Donald Trump for dealing with the corona crisis: "We will go through a dark winter."


220,000 deaths from the Wuhan virus should cost America's President Donald Trump the office, according to challenger Joe Biden. "Nobody responsible for so many deaths can remain, President of the United States of America," said Biden on Thursday in the second and final TV debate on the American presidential election. Around 100,000 lives could have been saved.

Biden stressed that Trump still does not know how to fight the pandemic: "We will go through a dark winter - and he has no plan". Biden said that as president, he would require all people to wear face masks. He would also invest in rapid tests and set national standards for opening up schools and businesses.

Trump: "It's China's fault"

Trump defended his policies, saying the worst was over. He blamed Communist China for the pandemic. “It's not my fault that it came here. It's China's fault. "

The Wuhan virus pandemic killed more than 220,000 people in the United States. Trump claims that his crisis management may have prevented millions of deaths. Trump himself tested positive for the Wuhan virus at the beginning of the month and was treated in hospital for the virus disease. Upon his return to the White House, the President called on Americans to “not be afraid” of the virus.

The moderator questions were shaped the way would not address the core of the other issues: race conflict in the USA, the health system, and - after new revelations that Russian hackers allegedly attacked American government agencies - concerns about foreign interference in the election campaign. Joe Biden also stood out with a Hitler comparison when it came to Trump's North Korea policy.

Biden For and Against Fracking

The debate did not discuss, perhaps the most important issue for the next President, economic recovery, and defense policies. With both candidates willing to increase the deficit by trillions of dollars, the difference of $500bln influences the necessary height in taxes.

For 90 minutes, Biden could not even decide whether he is for or against fracking, the US industrial horsepower indispensable for the relatively quick recovery.

As with everything during this extraordinary campaign, the debate was also abnormal, while a moderator left out the important questions unaddressed. Perhaps this is the biggest danger for the country which chooses between a candidate whose plans are relatively known, President Trump, and the one who conceals his real agenda with a help of friendly media. But President needs to have the support of Congress especially, the Senate, to pursue his agenda.

The debate did not touch any topic which matters in Senate races.

But more than who is the next President, it is important whether he will be allowed to implement his plans.


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