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Normal Jewish Life May Stop in Europe


The President of the Council of Rabbis of Europe Pinchas Goldschmidt. (AFP)

EU leaders do not guarantee conditions for the Jewish way of life, the European Rabbi stated.

The President of the Council of Rabbis of Europe Pinchas Goldschmidt said that that modern Europe does not provide Jewish communities with a guarantee that
they will be able to lead their usual way of life. Rabbi explained that the main issue was the prohibition of shechita in Belgium.

European leaders tell us that they want Jewish communities to live and did well in Europe, but they do not provide a guarantee for our way of life, Rabbi Goldschmidt emphasised. Europe needs to think about what kind of continent it wants to be, he added.

According to the Rabbi the values ​​such as freedom of religion are an integral part of European values, but the current political system clearly does not reflect it and needs to be revised.

Europe banning kosher meat production made impossible
normal life for the European Jews

And now we are again faced with a situation where, without asking the Jewish community, a ban is introduced, the consequences of which will be long and
destructive, Rabbi Goldschmidt stressed.

In 2017, the two main Belgian regions Flanders and Wallonia took laws banning shechita and halal slaughter of livestock under the pretext of protecting rights
animals from abuse. In December 2020, the European Court of Justice the highest court of the European Union, recognized the legality of these decisions.

Jewish communities perceive the ban as a non-friendly gesture.

Jews accused of causing the Wuhan virus pandemic

The level of the anti-Jewish atmosphere increased in the last eleven months of the pandemic. Human rights organization Simon Wiesenthal Center published  a list of ten major manifestations of anti-Semitism and anti-Judaism that was dominated by the various conspiracy theories accusing Jews of causing the pandemic.

The left extremists accused Jews of the manufacturing of a virus, the report stated.

The Green parties politicians in Europe the most antisemitic

The Wiesenthal Center emphasised that the anti-Semites targeted synagogues in Los Angeles and Oakland, California, and Kenosha, Wisconsin.

The particularly antisemitic were politicians of Green and environmental parties. These politicians have encouraged activities of the so-called BDS groups, which are terrorising the Jewish shops and assault the customers who are buying Israeli products.


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