North Korea's Virus


North Korea's dictatorship has been thrown on its knees after the pandemic hit the closed society indicated the statement published by Russian Embassy in Pyongyang on Thursday.

Most of the personnel of foreign embassies and international humanitarian organizations left North Korea. Fewer than 290 foreign representatives remained in the country, most embassies were closed, the Russian Embassy in Pyongyang informed on Thursday, April 1.  

Today, a two-week quarantine ended, which 38 foreign citizens who left Pyongyang on March 18 passed in one of the hotels in the Chinese border city of Dandong. Now they will travel to Beijing or Shanghai, and then by plane to their countries, the author of the statement said.

One thing is clear, Russians stated, such exodus will not be the last. It will continue. Although only less than 290 foreigners in Pyongyang.

"It is only the beginning of the exodus"

The author of the statement published by the Russian Embassy in the North Korea has explained what was happening by the fact not everyone can withstand the total restrictions of unprecedented severity.

An acute shortage of necessary goods, including drugs, and the inability to solve health problems were named among the hardships.

The embassies of Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, France, Poland, Czech Republic, Brazil, Venezuela, Nigeria, and Pakistan have already been temporarily closed in North Korea. All foreign personnel of international humanitarian organizations has left.


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