One Shot Vaccine 66 Per Cent Effective

The efficacy by strain was calculated to be 95.6 per cent against the original COVID-19 strain and 85 per cent against the UK variant strain.

According to the results of the third phase of clinical trials, the total effectiveness of the vaccine of the American biotechnological company Johnson &Johnson was 66 per cent.

The firm announced the results of the third phase of international clinical trials with the participation of 44 thousand volunteers.

The effectiveness varies depending on the point on the map. In the United States, the highest is at 72 percent, in southern Africa at 57, due to the dominance of a more infectious strain of the virus.

The company emphasised that the Johnson & Johnson vaccine protects by 85 per cent from a severe form of coronavirus infection. We are proud to have reached this important milestone, and our commitment to addressing this global health crisis remains relevant for everyone, everywhere, Johnson & Johnson said.

The Johnson&Johnson vaccine is the only one shot anti-Wuhan virus vaccine in the world.

The company noted that more than 15 thousand people aged 18 to 84 took part in the tests, including 27% over 65 years old.

In November, Bloomberg presented a ranking of the demand for vaccines against coronavirus. Novavax in it took the second place in the number of pre-orders (1.4 billion doses, of which 160 million - the USA, 100 million - Europe), the third - Johnson & Johnson (1.3 billion doses, of which 430 million - the United States, 300 million - European countries). Most of the purchases in the world are for the vaccine of the British company AstraZeneca.

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