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Peruvian Opposition Politician Arrested Again


Keiko Fujimori has been in custody for 13 months because of allegations of corruption.An appeal was filed against her release. A judge now allowed it.



The Peruvian judiciary has taken opposition politician Keiko Fujimori into custody again. A judge in Lima ordered a 15-month pre-trial detention for the 44-year-old right-wing populist. She was arrested immediately afterwards.

Fujimori had already been in custody for 13 months and was released in November. The public prosecutor had appealed against her release. The judge now accepted the appeal.

The daughter of former President Alberto Fujimori is faced with allegations of corruption in the widespread affair surrounding the Brazilian construction group Odebrecht. She is accused of accepting around $ 1.2 million in illegal party funding from Odebrecht for her 2011 presidential campaign.


Fujimori had suffered a massive political setback just two days before she was arrested again. In early parliamentary elections, her party Fuerza Popular lost around 60 seats and lost her status as the strongest parliamentary force. The non-partisan and reform-oriented head of state Martín Vizcarra emerged stronger from the elections. Fujimori had pursued a frontal blockade course against its reforms, which aim among other things to curb corruption.


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