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Putin Infuriated Macron With His Claims About Attack Against Navalny


Russian leader's "mediocre and insulting" explanation of the attacks against the dissident contributed to the further deterioration of the bilateral relations.

Mr Putin's words infuriated Mr Macron, although he usually avoids direct confrontation, informed one of the newspaper's interlocutors, who wished to remain anonymous.

"He (Macron) expected to hear that it was some kind of internal problem, an illegal operation of a petty official, which is already being investigated, allowing for the possibility that the Chechens could have done it without the knowledge and approval of Putin," said another French intelligence officer.

"We understand that silly, convoluted and often contradictory explanations like these are how Putin deals with domestic problems, but to do it with the French president?" - he concluded.

On Tuesday during a telephone conversation with President Emmanuel Macron, Mr Putin suggested that the "troublemaker from the Internet" Navalny could have poisoned himself, since he had "simulated illnesses in the past" more than once.

However, according to the Russian leader, Latvia could also have something to do with his poisoning. Mr Putin also told Mr Macron that manufacturing the Novichok, a military nerve agent, is easier than people expect.

The biggest French daily newspaper Le Monde reported the details quoting its sources in the French intelligence.

"The ambulance doctors and the plane crew are heroes"

On Wednesday, Mr. Navalny informed that the doctors discharged him from the clinic but he would need more rehabilitation to be able to regain such simple skills like throwing the ball. At the moment his brain does not send the correct signals that enable this action.

Mr. Navalny lives with his wife in Berlin under the police protection, German media reported.

A Russian entrepreneur who financed the medical transportation of Mr. Navalny may be the best informed about the true health situation of the dissident. On Thursday, he stated that the captain who made an emergency landing in Omsk, and the ambulance doctors who immediately diagnosed the patient with chemical poisoning saved the dissident's life.

These decisions were not only appropriate but also heroic, stated Mr. Boris Zimin. Both crew and the doctors knew whom they were saving and whose plans they resisted, emphasised Mr. Zimin. If something happened to them, no one would save them from dungeons or hunger, concluded Russian businessman suggesting that the Kremlin might retaliate with laying them off or arresting them.


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