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Putin Threatens Ukraine With New War



On Thursday afternoon Russia launched large scale military activities in and around Ukraine, according to Ukraine and NATO sources.

Washington promised support to Kiev in case of an escalation of military aggression by Russian Army after Ukraine informed the world about the relocation of the Putin's military close to its North-Eastern and Eastern borders.

Ukrainian Ministry of Defense informed following the telephone conversations between Pentagon and Kiev of the two countries.

Ukrainian Defense Minister Mr. Andriy Tartan held a conversation with the head of the Pentagon Mr. Lloyd Austin against the background of reports about the pulling of Russian troops to the Ukrainian border.

The head of the Ukrainian defense department noted the systemic escalation of the situation in the area of ​​the joint forces operation and Russia's unwillingness to confirm its adherence to the ceasefire regime, the statement said.

Kremlin undermines peace-process in Ukraine

Alarmed by the new escalation of aggression NATO held an extra-ordinary meeting on Thursday evening.

The Alliance stated it was concerned about a Russian military build-up near Ukraine's borders, as NATO ambassadors met to discuss the recent spike in violence in Ukraine's eastern Donbass region.

A NATO official assessed that Moscow was undermining peace efforts in eastern Ukraine.

Allies shared their concerns about Russia's recent large scale military activities in and around Ukraine. Allies are also concerned about Russian violations of the July 2020 ceasefire that led to the death of four Ukrainian soldiers last week, he emphasised.

Russia's destabilising actions undermine efforts to de-escalate tensions, the NATO official said.


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