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Researchers In Rush To Shield Kindergartens and Primary Schools From the Virus


Despite the contradictory claims, children of young age are an agents of transmission of the Wuhan virus, therefore researchers are in hurry to find the counter-measures before the effective and safe vaccine becomes available.

Rapid tests at the entrance to schools, checking all children twice a week: at Israeli Sheba Hospital, the development of high-speed methods for detecting Wuhan virus in educational institutions is in full swing.

The successful and massive introduction of rapid analysis, stated Professor Gil Regev. it could completely change the process of schooling during an epidemic.

Although the American company announced the completion of the successful development of a rapid test for diagnosing the infection, the access to test is limited. The test is based on the principles of serology, that is, the detection of antibodies to the virus in the blood, has not been licensed by US Federal Drug Administration. Such approval is a condition for the use of it in many countries. But the results of tests are available in 15 minutes compared to two or three days of the analysis of the nasal test.

Children are agents of the virus transmission,
and no opening after the lock-down is safe,
the researchers, stated.

This test available in South Korea, Japan and some European countries is not a sufficient solution for the mass, repeated testing of those who need to stay in crowded public places like schools or kindergartens, the Israeli researchers are convinced.

Intensive work is underway in the world to change the analysis procedure - instead of a cotton swab, a saliva sample or blood from finger tip will be used, Professor Regev commented.

Potentially such tests can be also used in the production plants, shipyards, mines or wherever it is required a place of the large group of laborers.

But the virologists - researchers also stated that no opening after the lock-down is safe therefore it has to be conducted gradually. It can potentially cause new waves of sickness, they concluded.

The Analysis of The Results


A small amount of blood is drawn from a vein (other types of rapid tests also allow for a fingertip blood tests) and a few drops are injected into the device.

Within 15 minutes, the system gives an answer if there are signs of infection.


If there is no infection, a single line appears.

If the virus is present, two streaks appear at a distance from one another. They indicate the appearance of antibodies to the IgM type of the virus.

If the strips are located close to each other, this means that the person became infected a long time ago, a few weeks ago, but it is not a case of an active infection.

Three stripes are a sharply positive reaction, it appears that is an active or repeated infection.


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