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Russia Charges Two Baptists Church Clergy Aides With Illegal Activity


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The "anti-missionary" law in Russia persecutes Christian churches.
The "anti-missionary" law in Russia persecutes Christian churches. (Photo: MBKh)

On December 15, Russian police charged two senior members of the Baptist church in Pokhvistnevo, the country's central region, with illegal missionary activity as it claimed both failed to register at the Justice Ministry.


The Baptist church's social media channel that reported the news named Mr. Vyacheslav Aleksandrovich Akimov and Andrey Gamov as charged. His court hearing was pending for December 27.
The prosecutors said the senior members read the Bible and initiated a prayer during the Sunday service, comparing these activities to the mission work banned by Russian law.


"During the inspection intended to expose the extremism of the church leaders, the government officials found no reason; instead, they suggested police charge two senior brothers with "illegal missionary activity."
The police filed charges against them based on the trumped-up accusation of negligence of registration at the Justice Ministry. "


Source:  MSC EKhB


Are Christian churches persecuted in Russia?

The Justice Ministry conducts strict control of Christian churches including Protestant and Catholic Churches.


According to Yarovaya law, approved by Duma in 2018, sharing the gospel, studying the Bible, or even distributing religious literature outside of the official church building is prohibited.


No one can organize religious prayer meetings, even in his or her own house, without state-issued permission. All leaders of such meetings must also be registered (authorized) at Russia's Justice Ministry.


Foreign citizens are banned from leading Bible study or prayer meetings unless they obtain the state's permission.


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