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Russian Army Checks The Combat Readiness



Russian Defence Ministry informed that all types and branches of the armed forces are subject to current tests.

The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation began checking the combat readiness of the troops

Control checks of combat readiness during the winter training period began in the military command and control bodies, formations and military units of the RF Armed Forces. This was announced by Russian Defense Minister General of the Army Sergei Shoigu at a conference call, reported Russian agency TASS.

In an appeal to the commanding staff of the Armed Forces, the Minister of Defense demanded to ensure a high quality of control exercises and safety during the movement of military echelons and military equipment.

All types and branches of the armed forces are subject to checks. In the Eastern Military District, the check is carried out by a commission of the General Staff. The main draws of combat training will be held at the Tsugol and Sergeevsky ranges of the Eastern Military District.

In the rest of the military districts, as well as in the Northern Fleet, control checks are carried out by the commanders of the troops.

The scale of military checks similar to pre-war exercises in 2014

The military observers commented that the current scale of checks among the Russian army reminds of the similar exercises which preceded invasion of Ukraine and annexation of Crimea in February and March of 2014.




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