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Russian Chinese Propaganda in Italy



FACT: Today, on Thursday afternoon, a Communist China's aircraft is expected to land in Milan. It was expedited from the south-east province of Fujian. The plan with 30 ventilators, 20 sets of health monitors, 3,000 protective gear, 300,000 surgical masks, 20,000 of the N95 masks, 3,000 face shields and the eight tonnes of the medical supplies took off from Fuzhou Changle International Airport on Wednesday morning local time.

This is the third plane with the doctors and medical supplies that Communist China sent to Italy in the last two weeks.

FACT: Russian leader Vladimir Putin ordered Russian Military to send the doctors with the anti-biological threat unit to provided assistance to Italy.

On Wednesday fifteenth Il-76 military transport aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces carrying diagnostic and disinfection equipment delivered special machineries to combat coronavirus at the Italian air base of Pratica di Mare.

A video published by the reporter, who closely cooperates with Russian propaganda television in English, has shown a column of six Russian military trucks with Russian national flags at the sides moving through a tunnel. The author of a video stated, the trucks were on their way to Bergamo, a city in northern Italy.

According to Russian Ministry of Defence, the first special military transport vessels with the units trained in the combat with the biological agents left Russian airport in Sochi, Crimea on Saturday.

FACT: Some Italians demonstrated against the totalitarian countries propaganda targeting their country with banners: "China, Russia we thank you for help, we reject your propaganda".


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