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Senator: Australia Must Prepare for War with China


First Secretary of Chinese Communist Party Xi Jinping is overseeing Communist China's Navy drill on Southern Pacific in May 2019. (Archives)

The military conflict with the Communist state has become an increasingly likely scenario, therefore, the national strategy must involve war with Beijing.

The reason for such war is two-fold: apparent weakness of the United States Army and the willingness of the Chinese Communist Party to wage a global war.

Liberal Senator Jim Molan, who is also Major General, says Australia is at risk of being drawn into a war between China and the United States and needs to develop a national strategy to prepare. 

We’re likely to be collateral damage in a war between China and the US, Mr Molan said. This is not likely to be war as we’ve seen war for the last seventy years; this is likely to be a war which requires the entire nation to defend the nation. But we’ve got to prepare for it. The first step is to come up with a national strategy.

Senator explained that the war would involve nations that is why nation- defending-against-the-nation strategy is needed.

He estimates that the war may occur between three to five years if Beijing decides to attack Taiwan. The US would react together with Western democracies including Australia, Senator Molan explained.

War is more likely now than it has probably been for seventy-five years, a former Major General said.

It is certainly a much higher risk than we have seen for a long, long time, stated Mr. Peter Jennings from the Australian Strategic Policy Institute.

Australia is facing a war with Communist China, Liberal Senator and Major General Jim Molan stated. (Archives)

It is possible that the federal government has been preparing a country for such a threat for a long time. 

We have clear eyes-view on what is happening regionally and globally and we are preparing a nation accordingly, said Defense Minister Lynda Reynolds.

In the 2020 Defence Strategic Update the Australian strategists stated: though still remote, the prospect of high intensity military conflict in the Indo-Pacific is less remote than in the past.

Communist China is a threat to Australia

It is important for Australia to secure durable supply chain arrangements and more potent capabilities to hold adversary at risk further from Australia including longer-range strike weapons, cyber capabilities and area denial, the update said.

On June 19 Prime Minister Scott Morrison revealed the "malicious" attacks on Friday morning after briefing state premiers as well as Labor leader Anthony Albanese on Thursday night, saying the threat showed a level of sophistication that could only come from a state-based actor. Although Mr Morrison did not name the source of the threat, Communist China was understood to be a likely source of that threat.

Canberra’s decisions on the review of the agreements with Communist China which violate national interest may also be a part of preparation. Increasing of powers of the internal security agencies could help to destroy spying Chinese networks in Australia.

On Saturday, Mr. Andrew Hastie, a former a troop commander in the Special Air Service Regiment with experience of war in Afghanistan was nominated to the assistant defense minister.


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