Spanish City Removes The Name of Castro Group Criminal from Park and Street

The city council of Zaragoza, Spain, erased Ernesto ‘Che' Guevara, from a dedicated to him street and a park in the city on Wednesday.

Portrayed falsely as Argentine guerrilla fighting for rights of persecuted, who was thief, sexual pervert and ruthless criminal, had been honored by the Spanish city, which put his name on a park and a street.

But yesterday the city council of Zaragoza, Spain, erased Ernesto ‘Che Guevara from his city, where a street and a park were dedicated to him with his name.

Although two years have passed since the measure was approved at the impulse of Jorge Azcón, of the Popular Party, until this Friday it was ratified by the City Council.

In addition to the anti-Communist and pro-free-market Popular Party, the Vox party was an important part in the decision that ends 16 years of scandalous honoring of the criminal.

Mr. Julio Calvo, municipal spokesman for Vox in Zaragoza, revealed what was the motivation for the decision:

He was a criminal who would shot newborn children only because they belonged to what he called hostile social class and psychopath who ran a concentration camp. It is unethical for such a character to give a name to a public space, he pointed out.

The street baptized in 1988 as ‘Comandante Ernesto Che Guevara’ will now be known as Calle Ana María Suárez López, the name of a victim of jihadist terrorism, murdered in Cambrils, Tarragona, in August 2017.

On the other hand, the “Che Guevara Park” will receive the name of the athlete Teresa Perales Fernández, a Paralympic swimmer.

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