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Switzerland Gave China Secret Police Back-Door Access to EU


Communist Chinese police operative is prohibiting taking a photo of himself at the Beijing airport on an undated photo. (AFP)

In a highly secretive agreement, the Swiss government allowed Beijing agents for uncontrolled penetration of its country and the European Union, threatening the security of hundreds of Chinese dissidents, the human rights organisation warned.

For a democratic country to enter into a pact with a totalitarian regime always constitute a serious risk. A rogue state is unconstrained in its criminal behaviour, while the voters expect from democratically elected politicians that they would preserve the rule of law.  But secretive agreements with undemocratic regimes are double risky for democratic politicians since they are rising concerns that corruption might have been involved.

On December 8, 2015, Swiss migration authorities signed, clandestinely, a 5-year Arrangement on Identification of Alleged Chinese citizens with Irregular Stay in Switzerland, with Communist China's Ministry of Public Security in Beijing.

Although Switzerland immigration authorities denied any wrongdoing, it is undeniable that the agreement threatened hundreds of Chinese dissidents who escaped to the European Union from the persecution of the Communist regime.

The human rights organisation Safeguard Defenders described the full consequences of this ill-intended and destructive pact in its special report, "Lies, and spies - Switzerland’s secret deal with Chinese police", published on December 9.

Since then, Switzerland launched a disinformation campaign intended to convince that the agreement was misunderstood. It was not. Contrary to that, Switzerland clearly stated its goals in the agreement but now, after its exposure, is trying to hide that the officials were either cynical or ignorant about the goals and aims of Beijing's Ministry of Public Security.

The Swiss side has continued its verbal acrobatics and chosen not to answer any of the real questions brought forth by Safeguard Defenders investigation, stated for The Owner its Director Peter Dahlin, who is himself a victim of the crimes of Ministry of Public Security of Communist China.

It is indeed a horrendous scandal with a potential of devastating consequences for 27 member states of the European Union since Swiss migration officials decided to open back-door for the members of the organisation feared by all of the democratic citizens around the world.

Swiss Migration officials decided to enter in secret agreement with criminal organisation

The human rights organisation, Safeguard Defenders, emphasised three features of the agreement, which indicate that Switzerland authorities at the Migration Office fully understood the consequences of this ill pact.

At first, the agreement secured free access in Switzerland for unsupervised operations across the country. It meant that Communist secret police agents were officially allowed into Switzerland secretly – that is, they do not declare their status or are there in any official capacity. "Not a single agreement with any other country or region reviewed has this kind of arrangement," emphasised authors of the Safeguard Defenders report.

Chinese Ministry of Public Security have also murdered the opposition hero, human rights defender and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Mr. Lu Xiaobo on July 13, 2017. (Archives)


Swiss officials issued clandestinely back-door visa to the EU

Swiss authorities allowed the evil Chinese secret police to operate undetected in Switzerland and, since the Chinese do not honor any laws and regulations, in the European Union. Although Swiss officials have no evidence to prove that Chinese secret police did not travel to Germany or France to spy on the political refugees, one must assume that as a certain fact. Swiss officials put the safety of hundreds of Chinese dissidents at risk.

"Unless an additional secret agreement exists - that they are given regular tourist visas, which would give those agents free access to the entire Schengen area", the report stated.

Swiss taxpayers paid Chinese criminals' bill

Swiss government guaranteed to cover the cost of Beijing agents operations in Switzerland with taxpayer money. Every Swiss citizen paid for flight and travel expenses from Beijing, an "appropriate" accommodation with office space, printers, phones and Internet, health insurance, security detail for each agent, and visa-fees.

It is important to notice the deceptive language of this agreement. Switzerland has agreed to call Beijing agents "Chinese experts" that would "interview" Chinese citizens. The truth is that Beijing agents are murderers who have applied coercive methods, including blackmail and torture, to achieve their goal.

Switzerland has left questions of human rights defenders unanswered

Chinese authorities do not receive any information on persons at risk or persecuted, the Swiss State Secretariat for Migration spokesman Lukas Rieder stated. No sensitive data or information is provided which could endanger the persons concerned or their relatives.

But Chinese agents could obtain information that Switzerland did not give to them, from their own agents, and conduct any operations with the Schengen visa in hand in Germany, Australia or France without knowledge of Swiss authorities. It should be obvious to anyone.

Switzerland did not reply to questions of human rights defenders publishing only a general accusation of media about "misunderstanding" an agreement. It is obviously behavior that is a shock to the democratic voters who value human rights.


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